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What is resources?

That which passes for Human Resources, the corporate repository for people too feckless, indolent and dull-witted to survive by eating out of dumpsters. Circumventing the certain risk to production, process or profit these fools represent, Subhuman Resources serves the double purpose of barring such incompetents from mucking up the works by turning them loose to harry the employees who actually do contribute to company success.

Famously sexless, humorless and brainless, this office also serves to repel rodents if, ironically, by employing them.

When April was caught stealing employee lunch boxes they promoted her to Subhuman Resources

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Resources - what is it?

A broad term used to describe either man-power or supplies. Used frequently by military officers in desperate need of help.

Quick! We need more resourcements to the frontline!!

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What does "resources" mean?

1. An extensive educational assisting program at the Oswego High school, where several Fucktards are enrolled.

2. A person enrolled in such a program, often used as an offensive name towards such person.

3. "Resource" in fact is an oxymoron, as one would not resort to a person of resourcefulness under this definition.

Smith, you're such a fucking resource.

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Resources - what does it mean?

A recruitment company employee not unlike working as a galley slave in the middle ages.(Slightly better paid but longer hours)

He/She is my resourcer, feel free to give them work to do - they are cunts

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Being very knowledgable with the freaks of nature

Calvin is a resource because he knows too much about Mat.

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1. noun. A nice name for the stupid class

1. Did you know he was in resource?

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People with smart/creative thinking

Max: a dog went on a loose in the pet store do you have an Idea to get it on a leash again? Because I know you are a resourceful person
Josh: maybe we can attract it with some treats or a toy or we can trap the dog

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1. a person who is defined as departmental cog for a business / company
2. a peon
3. a person whose chin is a shelf for management's nutsac

Manager says, "That's not YOUR resource to define!"

Translation: "That's my bitch!"

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reverts to,pertaining to finding reverse sources again

Thank goodness your resources followed up your relating sources.

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The amount of money available to you. The amount of money you own or have. Wealth, capital, property, possessions.

That girl's got nearly a million dollars of resources.

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