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What is no tears?

The means by which masculine will power is overcome by feminine water power.

"Hey did you see the tears on Jim's face?"

"Yeah, and if I never saw his junk in the gym locker room, I would say he's a woman."

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No tears - what is it?

a string of behaviour that is compulsive and devient. the bahaviour is typically of an "adult" nature such as drinking, screwing, swearing.

Jill was so pissed about the flat tire that she went off on a tear. Every other word was fuck.

Brad has been on a tear of calling in sick recently. He hasn't worked a Friday in over a month.

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What does "no tears" mean?

Fluids excreted from the eyes whenever damage is done to the cardiac muscles.

Tears came falling from my eyes when she ripped my heart out.

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No tears - what does it mean?

The words heart can not express.

The absence in me makes me cry; i miss you so much, my tears are my love.

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No tears - meaning


She quenches her angst with male tears.

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No tears - definition

Tearful is:
A) Something that makes you sad
B) A way to describe your feelings when you wanted something and you couldn't have it

A) Person 1: My boyfriend just broke up with me.
Person 2: Oh no! How very tearful!

B) Person 1: Damn, I wanted to go to the Panic! At The Disco concert, but it was sold out!
Person 2: Yeah, I know! It's so very tearful!

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No tears - slang

The blood of the soul. When the soul bleeds, you cry.

I started to cut myself and cried a puddle of tears, playing that sad song in the back of my head.

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No tears

Water that leaks from your eyes and tastes salty.

Tears: I once licked my tear off and it tasted salty.

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No tears

On a streak or series, usually a winning streak. Will sometimes be used (semi-sarcastically) to define a losing streak.

When used for a positive streak, it's similar to "tear it up."

He won four bike races in a row--he's on a tear!

The market went up 14% in the least four weeks. The market is on a tear! (aka "The market is tearing it up!")

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No tears

Its hows your body speaks when your mouth can't

She puts down the phone as tears of pain start streaming own her face. Her love will never come home again.

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