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What is heart?

An organ with two functions: firstly, pumping blood around the body: secondly, getting its owner in trouble.

Follow your heart, but wear a helmet.

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Heart - what is it?

The familiar double-lobed heart symbol seen on Valentine's Day cards and candy was inspired by the shape of human female buttocks as seen from the rear. The twin lobes of the stylized version correspond roughly to the paired auricles and ventricles (chambers) of the anatomical heart, is never bright red in color and its shape does not have the invagination at the top nor the sharp point at the base. The ancient Greeks and Romans originated the link between human female anatomy and the heart shape. The Greeks associated beauty with the curves of the human female behind. The Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, was beautiful all over, but was unique in that her buttocks were especially beautiful. Her shapely rounded hemispheres were so appreciated by the Greeks that they built a special temple Aphrodite Kallipygos, which literally meant, 'Goddess with the Beautiful Buttocks.' This was probably the only religious building in the world that was dedicated to buttock worship. It was possible that the heart symbol represented both male and female glutes (the group that includes the three large muscles of each buttock that control thigh movement) but the Valentine's heart more closely fits the rounded female anatomy rather than the angular, compact and slimmer male butt. Valentine's Day-type heart symbols first became popular in 15th century Europe as a suit designation on playing cards. It is possible that the Renaissance fondness for classical literature and history brought forth the Greek interest in the female buttocks shape, which also mirrors the basic outline of female breasts.

dude: Nice heart :)
girl: what

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What does "heart" mean?

A Rock Band formed in the early 1970's fronted by Ann & Nancy Wilson.

Heart is my favorite Rock Band!

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Heart - what does it mean?

verb: feelings of care or affection towards another person beyond the level of 'like', but not quite 'love'.

'i heart you' or 'i heart pancakes'

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1. That which contains all love, caring, courage, compassion, tenderness, gentleness, happiness, awe, loyality, passion, hope, beauty, feeling, laughter, trust, charity and joy!

2. An important thing to have.

You have a heart of gold.

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Redness that's both linked and operative: mythologically unitary, but actually not contained. I refer you to the arteries and veins and also the valves which, on Miss Libby's echocardiogram, resembled baskets of kelp. Miss Libby is no longer with us. The heart fails. Perhaps it is better not to pick up with another human being. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and raspberry jam for breakfast? No. The heart is an open system. The heart is real. I don't want a boyfriend. I don't want another dog. I want red things: What moves my blood. Writing. I want the book to come.

What was the name of that French film? The one with Beatrice Dalle riding a dog sleigh at the end? I loved that shot where the girl's heart was lying next to her, wrapped in a T-shirt, throbbing in the snow. Did I really see that? I always like writing afterwards, but then I write something new. I wish I still had the soundtrack to Betty Blue.

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your heart feels the pain you go through in the hard times but also feels love for someone when your in love.

"my heart burns from the sadness I'm experiencing."
"my heart is telling me I'm in love :)"

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An object that replenishes health. Usually found in grass and in pottery. A hero can carry a certain amount of hearts at a time. This amount can be increased by finding sufficient amounts of Heart Pieces (4 or 5) or finding a Heart Container. Hearts can be replenished by finding more hearts or with the use of potions (Red, Blue or Green). If all hearts are lost during a battle, the hearts can be instantly restored if a bottled fairy is in ones possession.

You got a Heart Container! Your life energy has increased by one and been fully replenished!

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The final element needed to summon Captain Planet!


By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!

And with the last word, he is indeed summoned!

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Courge or bravery

-Yo little Nick just stole on Jimbo.
-That kid got heart

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