Definder - what does the word mean?

What is sent it?

when something makes you laugh so hard it “sent you”. Think of people in a group running away because something is so funny.

“did you see that picture of James Charles’ ass?” “Yes oh my god that sent me

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sent it - video

Sent it - what is it?

A sent person is someone in FFX who has died and has been farewelled by a summoner with the sending

When she died, a summoner sent her.

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What does "sent it" mean?

When someone flales their arms forward and jumps back like they got shot in an over dramatic anime.

“Did u see how Sarah Chu poo poo’d? Sh*t had me sent! “

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Sent it - what does it mean?

It is a person very intelligent, very good counter-strike player. We talk about anyone "sent" when he is the best.

OMG IT'S SENT ! He is a god !

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Sent it - meaning

Verb: To have sex with someone (make them cum)

Adverb: To send someone cumming

Yourwetsock thinks you shouldn't send your fiance's cousin, it's just wrong.

i.e. "Stephanie sent Ryan's cousin Harris and he totally knew about it"

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Sent it - definition

1. To trick someone, in the same sense as "sike/psych" or "burn".

2. In sports, particularly basketball and football, to juke someone or fake them out to get them moving the wrong way.

Aww snap, you got sent!

"Hey, I heard your brother's in the hospital." "What?! What happened?" "He got hit by your mom's car when she was taking me home after last niiight! SENT!"

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Sent it - slang

to put someone down or riff them

don't send me i will get on you.

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Sent it

When someone completes a “send it” or “full send” and ends up wrecked. Usually used as the result of a successful send.

Swae Lee: little kid broke his leg!

Travis Scott: he sent it... out like-a-light like-a-light

Little kid: is this the last ride I’m going to ever have at Astroworld-strowold-strowold

Swae Lee: Some-Some-Some-Someone said. Someone said, motherfucker—someone said

Source: Travis Scott - watch - single. SIKO mode 2018. Astroworld.

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Sent it

When you find something so funny, you a s c e n d, and you get sent to a different plane of existence because you found it absolutely hilarious

Person 1 (to person 2): ay yo you're giving off some deadass crackhead energy right now
Person 2: Bruh, shut yo bitch ass up
Person 3: Man, I am absolutely sent, ecks dee, this is sending me omg

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Sent it

Went some one does something really well.

Katie sent it with those Christmas decorations.

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