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What is euphemism?

Sometimes spelled with an f, as in eufemism.

Trying to make the mean things you say sound nicer (example 2) or making a mild comment you make sound even worse by adding you were just using an euphemism (example 1).

Jack: o my God, I really hate that Grace-woman! Why is she coming over instead of DROPPING DEAD?
Karen: o come on, she's not that bad.
Jack: she is! And I'm telling her, just wait.
Grace: hi guys!
Jack: I'm really sorry, Grace, but I just don't like you very much. And that is really just an euphemism. Bye bye now!
Grace: o my God! I'm outta here!

Pete: okay, well, it's not the best painting in the world...
Joan: yeah, nice euphemism, Pete. This is without a doubt the worst painting I have ever seen. Seriously, even a two-year-old would do a much better job!

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Euphemism - what is it?

Made to seem less awkward or rude, or to seem politically correct by changing terminology. Frequently amounts to outright lying.

sWindles is frequently euphemized as Windows.

Kneejerk Corruptions, Incorrigible is frequently euphemized as Network Solutions, Incorporated.

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What does "euphemism" mean?

A way to make a word or sentence sound nicer than how it really is, used commonly to make the other person seem more comfortable around you.

Sentence Euphemism's

"Me and your sister had a connection in the bed last night which made me excited." is a euphemisim

What you really mean to say is:

"I fucked your sister last night, she knows how to cause an orgasm, thats for sure."

"I not attracted to Rebecca." is a euphemism

What you really mean to say is:

"Rebecca is one fucking ugly bitch."

"I think Jessi is pretty." is a euphemisim

What you really mean to say is:

"I would sure like to have sex with Jessi."

"I dont like country music." is a euphemism

What you really mean to say is:

"Country music sucks dick I hate it."


Word Euphemisms

Darn and Dang are euphemisms for the word Damn

Frick is a euphemism for the word Fuck

Crap is a euphemism for the word Shit

Crotch is a euphemism for the word Dick

Butt is a euphemism for the word Ass

Oh My Gosh is a euphemism for Oh My God

Chi Chi is a euphemism for the word Boob

Pee is a euphemism for the word piss

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Euphemism - what does it mean?

trying to make the mean things you say sound nicer by using different words

"let's just be friends" is nice for "no, I don't want to go out with you. You're a loser." ( euphemism )

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Euphemism - meaning

The act or an example of substituting a mild, indirect, or vague term for one considered harsh, blunt, or offensive:

Euphemism is an expression intended by the speaker to be less offensive, disturbing, or troubling to the listener than the word or phrase it replaces, or in the case of doublespeak to make it less troublesome for the speaker.

When a phrase is used as a euphemism, it often becomes a metaphor whose literal meaning is dropped. Euphemisms are often used to hide unpleasant or disturbing ideas, even when the literal term for them is not necessarily offensive. This type of euphemism is used in public relations and politics, where it is sometimes disparagingly called doublespeak. There are also superstitious euphemisms, based (consciously or subconsciously) on the idea that words have the power to bring bad fortune (for example, not speaking the word "cancer"; see Etymology and Common examples below) and religious euphemisms, based on the idea that some words are sacred, or that some words are spiritually imperiling (taboo; see Etymology and Religious euphemisms below).

The substitution of an agreeable or inoffensive expression to replace one that might offend or suggest something unpleasant, for example, "he is at rest" is a euphemism for "he is dead."

β€œEuphemisms such as β€˜slumber room’ . . . abound in the funeral business”.

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Euphemism - definition

a less direct word used to refer to something unpleasant or embarrassing, often so as to avoid offence.

it was a euphemism for ignorance.

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Euphemism - slang

A word used in place of another to make the listener feel more comfortable, and to make the user more socially acceptable.

"Your mother and I had meetings between the sheets last fortnight"

When what you want to say is - "I fucked you mamma until she stained the sheets last night, bitch! "

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trying to make the mean things you say sound nicer by using different words

"let's just be friends" is nice for "no, fuck off"

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A word people use because they like deceiving themselves to believe we live in a Utopia.

Mostly they're used by organizations and "considerate" people who don't want to offend the "situationally disturbed" citizens.

George Carlin, a comedian, did a great schpiel about euphemisms once. (A few of the following examples are in his speech.)

You should read it. It may not "open your eyes," but you'll realize how much we like to disguise our speech and blind ourselves. Disguising a condition with nicer, longer words doesn't change the fact that you still have the condition. Sorry.

(Note: Not all examples {e.g. black/white} are "conditions" or negative at all}

IMO, There's nothing wrong with most of the following conditions; they just warrant a euphemism because society can't accept reality. Many are unavoidable.
I just call 'em like I see em.

is old, they're elderly senior citizens.
is gay, they're homosexual.
is poor, they're in poverty.
is black, they're African American.
is white, they're Caucasian.
is fat, they're obese.
is a slut, they're promiscuous.
is crippled, they're handicapped.
is deaf, they're hearing impaired.
is blind, they're visually impaired.
is retarded, they're mentally challenged.
is short, they're vertically challenged.
is stupid, they're academically challenged.

I could go on.

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1. the substitution of a milder, vaguer word or expression for one considered to be offensive or unpleasant.
2. the word or expression so substituted.

"Put to sleep" is a euphemism for "kill".

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