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What is riff?

In Comedy: To involve the audience and to play off of them for humor in a stand-up routine.

Rich Vos is excellent at riffing and working a room.

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Riff - what is it?

improvised part of a jazz tune

(check out your favorite jazz song)

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What does "riff" mean?

A term used to make fun of someones clothing or the way they look

"Its time to riff on those jeans"

"Im going to riff on you now"

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Riff - what does it mean?

A poor person, used as a term of offence for people who look scruffy, dirty or are just generally poverty stricken. Use in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire has been recorded for the best part of the last 15 years.

"What a bunch of fuckin' riffs"
"Get lost you riff"
"I'm not goin down the Duke, it's well riffy"

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Riff - meaning

Plain and simply: Selected guitar melodies.

HORNS UP! ^nn^
KEEP IT SICK AND BRUTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Sabbath: IRON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!
The latter encompasses one of the catchiest riffs ever created.

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Riff - definition

Something that nu metal bands can't seem to use with good effect.

no needed

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Riff - slang

A segment of a song that puts emphasis on a certain instrument by using a distinctive sound. The instrument is usually a guitar.

The main guitar riff in Tool's "Third Eye" is 1 minute and 3 seconds long

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To make stuff up on the spot.
Can be applied to nearly anything--music, writing, lying, whatever.

I riffed up an excuse as to why I didn't show up... she laid off eventually.

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West Midlands insult similar to chav. Origins are uncertain but it is thought to be an abbreviation of the phrase riff-raff, and localised use in Bromsgrove dates back as far as the late 1980s, if not earlier

Can be both a noun (riff), referring to the antisocial underclass, or an adjective (riffy), meaning something cheap, scummy or gully gully.

- "What a riff!"
- "He was the riffiest kid in school."
- "Those trainers are well riffy."
- "I'm a riffy stig."

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A select tune or Melody of a guitar tab in a song, like in AC/DC's "Back in black" the little tune that gets stuck in your head, is a RIFF

Jimmy Page can throw down some COMPLICATED INSANE AND FAST RIFFS

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