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What is crying?

the release of liquid from the tear ducts when:

a) one is depressed or sad
b) one is extremely happy
c) one has to urinate badly
d) one is trying to manipulate a person into doing whatever they want them to do
e) one has an eye irritation

example a- Sara cried for hours after the tragic death of her grandmother.

example b- Karen leaped with joy and cried tears of happiness when she won the 5 million dollar lottery.

example c- Michael's eyes began to water and he began to cry after holding his pee in for two hours.

example d- The little girl cried in the middle of the store when she did not get the toy she wanted. Embarrassed, her mother agreed to get her the toy as long as she agreed to shut up.

example e- After getting sprayed in the eye with a full can of mace, Carl began to cry tears of agony as his eyes burned.

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Crying - what is it?

It's a natural human emotion, not a sign of weakness.
Sometimes as humans, we just have to let our emotions take their share.
We just have to cry.
Whether you're heartbroken
or just depressed.
Dont let it build up inside of you.
You're not weak when you cry.

She isn't coming back to life.
I cant make her.
Sometimes, crying is all I can do.
I just wish it was me.

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What does "crying" mean?

Something real men do.

John was seen crying when Samantha fucked his mom.

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Crying - what does it mean?

Some people cry because they have so many emotions building up inside them that they've been holding on for too long.
People also cry when they're hurt.

Dealing with crying is simple, just give chocolate, or some kind of comfort food, and hugs.

I was crying yesterday, idk why but I just feel sad today

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Crying - meaning

Something the weak do.

Crying is for the weak.

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Crying - definition

me 24/6 (snack breaks)

im crying again

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Crying - slang

what im doing right now

i miss him sooooooo much

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What u do when your crush doesnt like you back

Hey. Can I go in the bathroom?
No, Mia's crying. She broke up with her bf;

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Where someone is being annoying, complaining about something, or doesn't stop whining.

Friend: hey bro, can you go out tonight?

Other friend: Can't man my mom is crying, she wants me to clean my room.

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When someone is upset they some times cry.
When someone has been badly hurt they cry.
Crying some times might calm people down. but not alot
It could get worse.

Crying. Why is there a need of an example? Everyone knows what it is.

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