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What is moodle?

Moodle is a word with various meanings:
1. A word used to call any1 being stupid or annoying or bad.
2. A way to say come to my room

2. come moodle now plz itz important

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Moodle - what is it?

moodle... a word used regularly when u cant think ov antha word 2 say.
u can call ppl moodles when they are annoying instead ov swaring @ them. oodle also means 2 come chill wit yanamean?

Come moodle wid me!
arrrrrrrr ur such a moodle!
hey moodle.

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What does "moodle" mean?

To be both moody and hormonal in a single instance.

Shiva ducked the low flying plate after he sujested Claire make him a drink.
Claire was certainly moodle this morning.

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Moodle - what does it mean?

To stimulate your partner during intimate activity, via your fingers, tongue or other parts of ones body.

After a nice dinner, we retired to the bedroom for a night of passionaite moodling.

Before intercourse, my partner moodled me until I climaxed.

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Moodle - meaning

v. the act of cuddling with someone while you're in 'the mood.'

Dude I totally moodled with Kate last night

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Moodle - definition

a moodle is a awesome guy that everyone need to stop thining of as a bad thing grow a set and stop calling your friends names

asshole: hes such a moodle for her
girl: ur the biggest asshole ever, go fuck your self

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Moodle - slang

A man poodle. Moodles are often weird and delusional and don't realize their status as a play toy. Moodles are typically passive and like to discuss their feelings.

Most girls keep a moodle around at all times for entertainment when they're not talking to or seeing anyone. You can flirt with your moodle, let him compliment you, and even take you out, but you never ever fuck the moodle.

Sara: Have you been talking to John lately?
Nora: Yeah. Turns out he's more of a moodle type
Sara: Aww, that sucks
Nora: Not really! Moodles are so fun to have around
Sara: Really? I should get one too then!

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a Moodle is a mix of the words 'Man' and 'Poodle', a moodle is a male living form, who girls chose to date just to feel safe.

Allawi: Jennifer Dumped me
Khadim: Baba, your a moodle
Allawi: What the hell is a moodle?
Khadim Well girls like to hug you, take you out to the park, but no one likes to 'do' the moodle.
Allawi: -._-

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To molest with a noodle, especially with one's own noodle, or with a noodle of unspecified origin.

Usage Note: Although the act of moodling is usually unintentional, the verb can convey a connotation of sketch. (See second example.)

At dinner Mariska was dismayed to find, upon glancing at her lap, that she had been... moodled.

So Ryan, do any moodling lately? *wink, wink*

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a free open source course management system used for those with no knowledge of websites

"Did you do your Moodle class work?"
"Nah fuck that moodle"

The BIG Country of, Luxembourg
- Russel '4x4' Snider

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