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What is playground?

Young love, or a small teen / preteen crush, only in a less mushy word or phrase like "puppy love."
Also the name of a song by the French band Air. :)

Lucy: *watches guy walk across the store* Isn't he just totally gorgeous?
Kari: It's just playground love, Luce...

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playground meme gif

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Playground - what is it?

A place where immature like comments or actions are left at

Tom: Don's over there bitching about her ex boyfriend getting a new boyfriend

Jasmine: Ikr!! She need to leave that shit on the playground and move on.

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What does "playground" mean?

a place where shitheads dont have a life in fortrntite battly royak

I keep dying in PLayground and i am not good


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Playground - what does it mean?

A place where pedos hang out

Wtf dad? Why are you feeling Guilllian at the playground?

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Playground - meaning

A place where drug dealers and creepers hang out!

Bob went to the playground

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Playground - definition

Place to go and pick up a younger bird.

You coming down the playground in a bit, dean, to pick up some fifteen year olds?

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Playground - slang

A sexual delight, someone who is good sexually or someone you know who would be good to have sex with.

Kim's playground is fine, I gotta get some of that!

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The place that no gang technically owns buh both are fightin for it. Its like no mans land where the most people get dipped.

Example: bare opps got chinged at de playground

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Neighborhood, stomping ground, watering hole, where you hang out or *yard*.

I told her, never park her car near my playground.

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the place where kids join there first gang

oi,blunt av you been to the playground, it's full of fun

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