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What is Zayne?

A description depicting something that is so glorious, so hot, so perfect that your love for and attraction to it causes you actual physical pain; but you enjoy it. In short, Zayn is the feeling of something that hurts so good.

The idea of Malik with long hair in a man-bun makes me Zayn.

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Zayne meme gif

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Zayne - what is it?

When you need to leave cause you're in a bad situation and you want to get out before it explodes in your face

Person 1: Where's Jim I'm so mad at him!
Person two: He probably Zayned out of here then.
Person one: Damn, I hate zayning

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What does "Zayne" mean?

When a friend leaves you and you don't want to believe it.

"So, are you and her still friends?"

"I don't think so. She zayned me."

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Zayne - what does it mean?

Someone that plays gta with you and then kills you when you play with them

Omg zayne stop killing me

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Zayne - meaning

A person who is pretty much useless is very stupid a risk taker and is a waste of sperm

Wow that guy is almost as stupid as Zayne

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Zayne - definition

A beautiful young girl who is calm and collected and let loose at the appropriate times. She's got secrets shed like to share and time she's got to spend. She won't be forever young...

Zayne jumped on her boyfriends back playfully, giggling while so.

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Zayne - slang

I dont know my life...


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An EXTREMELY attracting man/teen. Makes all mouths drop at the amount of sexy fine looks. Men and Women alike cant get enough of his hunk-like body. Very screwable- contains no sexual diseases.

OMG! Look at that Zayne over there.. isnt he the finest youve ever seen.. im almost speachless!

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Largest cock ever.GIrls bow down and get fucked in the ass and mouth.

Most handsome and tall guy with nice eyes and a nice duck shape

Oh zayne is my daddy

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Fat ginger retard

Zayne is gay

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