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What is poodle?

To take advantage of a friend with a higher income so that they will pay your way for lunch, movie tickets, etc. This can either be with prior notification (notifying the friend that they are about to be the recipient of this action) or it can be a surprise poodling, such as when you seem to have forgotten your wallet when the bill arrives.

We went to Taco Bell and Hong totally poodled me.

I'm poodling you for pizza. Let's go.

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Poodle - what is it?

One who cravenly does another's bidding, a metaphorical butt boy.

The Left calls Tony Blair "George Bush's poodle."

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What does "poodle" mean?

a fuzzy bitch

Your such a poodle; Get off me poodle

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Poodle - what does it mean?

Verb. Also ends in -ing or -ed.

The act of throwing rocks at someone who:
A) completely disgusts you
B) hurt you
C) pisses you off by acting ridiculously

That red-headed fool has pissed me off so badly, I want him to get poodled!

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Poodle - meaning

v. to poop.

The poop version of piddle (to pee).

I'm sorry I was gone so long...I had to poodle.

I'm sorry the bathroom is stank, I poodled in there.

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Poodle - definition

"poodle" basically means "suck," but because my teacher says "suck" is a bad word (shoutout to Mr. Cross), he tells us to replace it with "poodle".

*this is not the same "poodle" as the dog breed

"My wifi poodles so I turned off my camera."

"This food poodles!"
"Ughhhh, today poodled" (hehe I just made up the word "poodled" too, so "poodled" is the past tense of poodle)

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Poodle - slang

Used as a loving pet name. Dropped lightly, not as serious as babe, honey.

hey poodle, what's shakin?

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An evil being sent by Martians to destroy earth. Poodles are not dogs, contrary to popular belief, but are actually a relative of the spotted hyena. Poodles are generally quite small and armed with their hideous high-pitched yapping and razor-sharp teeth.

Billy, you get that poodle out of your nose right this instant!

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everybody wants to stroke the poodle, but nobody wants to fuck the poodle.

stacy: hey have you seen that guy tom? i just wanna hug him all day. he's such a cutie pie.

allison: i know right he's so cute

tom: any of you ladies up for a fuck?

stacy+allison: haha you're so cute tom

tom: oh shit im a poodle

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a dog with a puffy tail

that is a poodle

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