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What is paper?

(n) A stock share, usually referring to a low-valued issue, or one with many shares outstanding.

There is a lot of worthless Nortel paper out there.

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Paper - what is it?

1. Cash

2. A small amount of drugs, usually $10 worth of heroin, sold in a fold of paper. See Paper Boy.

1. I've gotta get a job so I can get some paper flowin.

2. Me and my friend blew a paper of junk.

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What does "paper" mean?

1. Money
2. Prison slang for probation/parole.

I gotta hustle to get that paper.
After I do my time, I'm on paper for two years.

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Paper - what does it mean?

1. Money
2. Rizler - What you role joints with
3. What you buy some drugs, usually heroin, in
4. Prison term for parol

Person 1: You got tha chronic?
Person 2: Yeah man you got tha paper?
Person 1: Yeah lets role this bitch

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Paper - meaning

money derived from hustling, stealing,
prostitution or selling drugs

That ho knows its all about the paper.

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Paper - definition


im in a band of gypsies...were on the run...everytime that paper hits my tongue

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Paper - slang

those little skinny things people used to write on before computers came along.

"I found some paper in my basement!"
"Shit really? I haven't seen one of those things in so long!"

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used to defeat rock in a game

aha! my paper beat your rock!

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Slang for money.

When you got that much paper you gotta hold it down." - Prodigy "Stuck On You"

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Slang term for "money".

"I take that papuh."
-CJ stealing some dough

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