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What is stilts?

The ancient Japanese art in which two men are tied together at the waist and can navigate only by flexing their erect penises like legs. Often are composed into races, similar to three-legged races.

Tim: Soccer is no longer the gayest sport.
Frank: Why?
Tim: I just watched a stilting tournament.

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Stilts - what is it?

To be vengeful and hold grudges

"You're a real stilt, you know that?!"

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What does "stilts" mean?

When your still tilted from the night before, but its the morning after and half blind from the sun, you stumble out to your car/taxi/walk home like you're wearing stilts, sceaming "I WANT YOU!" like uncle sam himself.

"Look at that dude trying to get on the bus, man he must be stilted!"

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Stilts - what does it mean?

n. Ebonics for car hydraulics.

Shit nigga, that ride has some phat stilts.

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Stilts - meaning

when your cock does not grow.

"look at that loser with a 3 incher jeez hes stilted"

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Stilts - definition

The nickname given to Wilt Chamberlain (of Lakers and 76ers NBA fame) for his height (7'1") and ability to score over even the toughest of defenders.

The NBA record for most points in a single game is held by Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain, who scored 100 points on March 2, 1962 against the New York Knicks.

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Stilts - slang

To punctuate a conversation with pauses. Oftentimes, the pauses are because the person is coming up with witty puns.

Similar to the adverb "stiltedly".

Josh and Selome kept stilting the conversation with puns, but luckily Katelyn knew to expect this.

It was difficult to follow the conversation because both parties kept stiliting.

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adverbial phrase = enormously more than the normal use of an adjective; the norm on steroids; usually negative

Bringing coals to Newcastle is stupid on stilts.

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Meaning that it's awesome, it's higher rank then other things

Yo that concert was stilts bro.

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usually refering to raymonds long skiny legs.
legs without any shape or colour
jus long bone with some skin

dude cheak out rays stilts in those boardies

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