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What is trainable?

This act is when a man delicately puts some cocaine into the tip of his phallus, then proceeds to have anal sex with a man or woman. This is so when he ejaculates, it projects the cocaine so it goes straight into the recipients bloodstream.

I gave a Trainable Fern to my friend, he got so high!

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Trainable - what is it?

Formerly known as a retard, mongloid, or mouth breather. One that is retarded or mentally slow.

Look at that little yellow schoolbus full of trainables.

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What does "trainable" mean?

Affected with moderate mental retardation and capable of being trained in self-care and in simple social and work skills in a sheltered environment.

"Hey Frank, how come you haven't gotten up yet?" asked the teacher.
"I'm w-wet and sticky," replied the trainable.

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Trainable - what does it mean?

Not completely hopeless in bed.

Eh, he's trainable.

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Trainable - meaning

Alleged politically correct term for a retard. Inevitably gave the politically incorrect a new word for retard.
Can be used in an excellent "you're in denial" style gambit.

"Dan, you're such a trainable"
"I'm not trainable!"

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Trainable - definition

(n.) Circa-1970's politically correct term for a mentally disabled person who is still able to follow simple instructions.

Don't call him a moron, please call that retarded person a trainable.

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