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What is cuddle?

euphemism for "have sex"; used by gay males who do not know how to show affection without having sex

(on the telephone or internet)

Homosexual A: "So where do you live?"
Homosexual B: "15th and Main. Want to come over and cuddle with me?"
Homosexual A: "But it's 12:30 in the morning. Why the sudden urge to cuddle?"

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Cuddle - what is it?

To completely destroy a woman's asshole by means of savage, angry butt sex.

I cuddled the shit out of my girlfriend last night; she loves it.

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What does "cuddle" mean?

Fucking, having sex, making love...all with feelings and emotions.

Come over so we can cuddle tonight and make it a good night together.

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Cuddle - what does it mean?

Code word for smoking weed. Used so other people don't know what your talking about.

Bob: hey you guys wanna cuddle?
Mike: hell yeah dude let's do it.
Joe: have fun fags I'm outta here.
Bob: he obviously has no idea what were talking about. *hits bowl*

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Cuddle - meaning

What your girlfriend say she wants to do becuase she acts too reserved to say she wants to jump your bones and have monkey sex.

gf: Let's cuddle <ripping off clothing>

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Cuddle - definition

To hold another in ones arms.

I love to cuddle.
I want to cuddle.
To cuddle is innocent.

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Cuddle - slang

To hug or snuggle or "huggle" in a very affectionate and careing manner.

The two close friends, cuddled eachother for comfort.

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The act of snuggling with someone or something. Cuddling can be performed with: cats, dogs, and other domestic mammals, humans ( I.e. a significant other(s), parent(s), friend(s), and more), blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, etc. Cuddling is usual mellow and can involve reading, talking, crying, or exploring the internet. It can last for any length of time, is performed usually on a bed, couch, etc. and can lead to sleep, sex, or basically anything. Generally, the people or objects involved lay or sit in a loose fetal position with arms and or legs intertwined.

1. Paula and her mom cuddled on the couch for a bit.
2. She liked to cuddle before sex.
3. Tim cuddled up with his dog and went to sleep.
4. This blanket is perfect to cuddle in.

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1. To express love or close friendship by hugging softly and gently. 2. To nestle together for warmth (physical, emotional, or both); snuggle.


1. A close, affectionate embrace. 2. An act or instance of nestling together for warmth.

1a. Susan cuddled her new granddaughter.
1b. The kittens cuddled on the blanket.

2a. A good cuddle can sometimes show more love than words do.
2b. After a nine-hour flight, we were looking forward to a long cuddle in bed.

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something i force my friend, jason, to do with me a lot. normally involves him making me hella soft then letting me hold his hand 🥺 i get to lay me head on his chest and hear his calm, soft breathing. AND WHEN HE WHISPERS NE HEART DOES A LIL BACKFLIP. so what if i have a major crush on him 🤧

jason pls let me cuddle you

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