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What is having sex?

To have sex TONS of times a day. Comes from the fact that bunnies reproduce at a more rapid rate than humans, and therefore they have lots of sex. This style of fucking can be found among sexaholics, and particularly among horny college students.

Person 1: Hey, I haven't seen Julia and Dan all day. Have you?

Person 2: No, but I can hear them having crazy sex from my dorm room.

Person 1: They're still going at it?!?

Person 2: Yeah, this must be the 7th time today. They have sex like bunnies.

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Having sex - what is it?

The assumed truth of life where one believes their parents don't, never have, and never will have sex. Babies are all delivered by storks.

My "parents don't have sex", my mom is a virgin and i was delivered by a stork. You will never convince me otherwise.

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What does "having sex" mean?

a man, who has no respect for himself, having sex with his nieghbour week old laundry or garbage and his dick bleeds while fucking.

man i was such a manny having sex last night

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Having sex - what does it mean?

Definition: when a guy accidently puts his penis in a skanks vagina, however, because she is such a whore and has slept with 80 people, he can not tell that his penis is inside of her. This continues for a few minutes until he realizes from her slutty ape grunts that he is indeed having sex. He immediately pulls out. Thus, "barely having sex."
Note: This may also include the occasional tip of dick rubbing the clit.

Barely Having Sex: "Baby, I only barely had sex with her. Don't worry.

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Having sex

a. A most beautiful thing, to be admired and worshiped.
b. Sarah Palin.

I got a DVD off that guy on the corner of MLK and 3rd, but it was just a video of turtles having sex.

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Having sex

When you wanna fuck but you awkward

Let’s have sex

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Having sex

The singlemost effective pickup line in existence. Try it.

Think about it: You cut right to the chase. Ok sure, statistically, only 1 in 100 women will say yes. And you might get some people mad along the way. But it's still a time saver since you don't have to indulge in any long conversation/pointless flirting etc.
Also, you'll be surprised at how many women appreciate the frank honesty associated with it. No games!
So, whaddya say?
Wanna have sex?

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Having sex

The cradle of civilization. Y'all wouldn't be reading this if it weren't for this. In fact, most of you sick little monkeys are actually doing it as you are reading this. If you're lucky, it'll be with a member of the opposite gender.

Bangin', humpin', motion in the ocean, feeding your dog a biscuit, stuffing the ol turkey, driving through the tunnell, inserting the probe, vaginal spelunking, breaking cherries, bumping uglies, etc.

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Having sex

A mocking gesture made in response to someone’s arguments perceived to be defending the actions or idealogies of incels.

A: I don’t know you don’t see attractiveness being a primary factor in getting dates. There’s already plenty of evidence that lookism is real and affects people’s lives on a daily basis. So what exactly is your argument?

B: have sex

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Having sex

When two people decide to have orgasms by enjoying each others genitals. Yummy times. Rough, sweet, or just sex, there are many ways of having sex. Lots of positions available.

Me and him? No, we are just having sex. He is not my boyfriend.

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