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What is phrase?

The phrases or words on girls pants or shorts. Men's eyes automatically drop to see what it says, it is unfair when you are walking with other girls. Or if the girl with the ass phrase is fat, nasty, or both!

An ass phrase that is popular is the word JUICY.

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Phrase - what is it?

A string of sentences used to heighten one's awareness of themselves. You're pitching your personality, in a nutshell.

"What up boy, it's your boy James and my pitch-phrase is that I like air hockey, eating funnel cakes, and doing my taxes!"

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What does "phrase" mean?

Another way to say "word up / word"

Made up by Raphy and Raychel =D

Raphy: DAMN, those kicks are fuckin dope!
Raychel: PHRASE!

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Phrase - what does it mean?

used instead of the word "word", which has often been used as an exclimation or a replacement for a curse word. often used by stoners and/or gangster white boys

"Phrase Up!"

or perhaps

"Phrase to you mother"

or if you're feeling really extremem

"Phrase dog that is one phraseilicious ride you got there homie"

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Phrase - meaning

When Jenna's are overly excited about something

I'm so phrased to go to Mint Bistro this weekend with Chris ;)

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Phrase - definition

A term used by older people that has a totally different meaning according to todays youth. Terms can also be heard being used by sports people on TV. The word was used in the TV show Archer.

Dad: Are you guys gonna hook up with your friends before the party (father means to meet up with)
Daughter: Dad, phrasing!

TV Sports Guy: Mark Sanchez hooked up with Braylon Edwards in the endzone for another Jets Touchdown.

Malory Archer: (arguing over the phone with Len Trexler) You wanna play me hard?
Sterling Archer: Phrasing.
Malory Archer: Well, then, you better nut up!
Sterling Archer: Phrasing!
Malory Archer: Because I've swallowed just about all I'm going to take from you!
Sterling Archer: Hey! Phrasing!

Mom: Are you guys making out just fine?
Son: Phrasing

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Phrase - slang

An exclamation and/or warning given to another over the unintended sexual innuendo of an otherwise innocent phrase.

Commonly heard by various characters on the animated FX television series, "Archer".

"You wanna play me hard?" "Phrasing." "Well, then you better nut up!" "Phrasing!" "I've swallowed just about as much as I can take from you!" "PHRASING!!"

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ontogeny recapitulates philogeny

Get out your dictionary, folks.

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Another way to say "word up / word"

Made up by Raphy and Raychel =D

Raphy: DAMN, those kicks are fuckin dope!
Raychel: PHRASE!

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Slightly more important than word
Used as an exclamation.

That bia be frontin. Phrase!

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