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What is When you?

sam wanted creamy pepper on her hotdog

When a guy jizz on the female and takes a shit on the same spot
When you jizz on shit

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When you - video

When you - what is it?

all stoners describe this disgrace as a sign someone’s f*cking your b*tch

β€œRemember when you drop the blunt someone fucking your bitch!”

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What does "When you" mean?

(Western US via cowboy movies)

Your last remark crossed the line. Immediately retract/clarify/soften it, or I'll be offended/in your face/pumping you full of lead.

"Of course, there never was a man born in those parts who was worth a damn..."

"Smile when you say that!"

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When you - what does it mean?

Nice way of telling someone you want something done NOW.

Person 1: Hey, when you get a chance, can you do the dishes.

Person 2: Yeah, but I don't think I'll have a chance until next week.

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When you - meaning

A phrase meant to represent one's humble acceptance of the fact that he was wrong all along, after it being made completely obvious by the other part.

Example 1:
Boyfriend: Hey babe, do you want some ice cream?
Girlfriend: I better not, I might get fat...
Boyfriend: You're already fat.
Girlfriend: When you put it that way...

No, wait that's sort of surreal. Here's a better one:

Example 2:
Person 1: You really shouldn't eat that beef.
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: It's murder! They killed a cow for that.
Person 2: You're eating Salmon.
Person 1: It's not the same thing.
Person 2: So you're saying that I shouldn't eat my beef because it's murder and we should treat all animals alike, inferring that I would not eat this were it human meat and yet you think of that dead salmon as an inferior creature in comparison to said cow.
Person 1: When you put it that way...

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When you - definition

sombody says somthing so retarted or embarrasing you say "thats when you know"

retard: what are you talking about! today is already over!
me: thats when you know

t-bagging a claymore? thats when you know

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When you - slang

A phrase that often accompanies an image with a subtle idiosyncrasy that may take the viewer a few seconds to notice. Most of the time, it is a black person hidden in a dark area.

When you see it, you'l shit brix

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When you

The act of knowing an idea, concept or abstract thought with utmost, absolute confidence. It is usually followed by a repetitive forward finger wag while raising your eyebrows in a lateral motion.

Little Arturo! Are you going to drink tonight? Alejandro.... When you when you!

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When you

omg amogus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!1!!1!
whEN YOU when YoUU WHenNN YOuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
joe mommm!!!!!!
when you

pov: when you when you

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When you

When you

That moment When you

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