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What is have sex?

a. A most beautiful thing, to be admired and worshiped.
b. Sarah Palin.

I got a DVD off that guy on the corner of MLK and 3rd, but it was just a video of turtles having sex.

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have sex - video

Have sex - what is it?

As opposed to 'with', which implies some sort of mutual feeling or bond, possibly lust or even love.

'Sex At' implies a one sided sexual encounter in which one person is having a much better time than the other during intercourse. Possibly while drunk. Can also relate to 'Jackhammering'

The other use of the term 'Sex At' is in relation to having intercourse for revenge or in an attempt to upset an acquaintance or ex.

In this regard, it is entirely possible to have sex 'At' someone without any intercourse taking place between you and the person you are having sex 'At'.

To have 'Sex At' someone: For example, if person A is in love with person B, person C could have 'Sex At' person A by having Intercourse with person B in order to exact revenge or intentionally uspet person A.

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What does "have sex" mean?

Fuck her right in the pussy

"I came out of my house and, FUCKED HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY"-Fred

How to have sex

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Have sex - what does it mean?

When you wanna fuck but you awkward

Let’s have sex

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Have sex - meaning

The singlemost effective pickup line in existence. Try it.

Think about it: You cut right to the chase. Ok sure, statistically, only 1 in 100 women will say yes. And you might get some people mad along the way. But it's still a time saver since you don't have to indulge in any long conversation/pointless flirting etc.
Also, you'll be surprised at how many women appreciate the frank honesty associated with it. No games!
So, whaddya say?
Wanna have sex?

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Have sex - definition

A phrase I’m which people use when they want to have sex with someone and want to be outright and sexy.

Random guy on the street: Hello. How are you?

Random girl on the street: Come here. (Grab man’s collar) Let’s go back to my house.


Then they have sex

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Have sex - slang

i'm completely helpless to your charm & witty sense humor and if you make a move on me we are definitely having sex

boy: can i buy you a drink?
girl: ok, but we're not having sex
boy: hmm... *i wonder how far i can get her legs behind her head*

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Have sex

When two people decide to have orgasms by enjoying each others genitals. Yummy times. Rough, sweet, or just sex, there are many ways of having sex. Lots of positions available.

Me and him? No, we are just having sex. He is not my boyfriend.

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Have sex

The cradle of civilization. Y'all wouldn't be reading this if it weren't for this. In fact, most of you sick little monkeys are actually doing it as you are reading this. If you're lucky, it'll be with a member of the opposite gender.

Bangin', humpin', motion in the ocean, feeding your dog a biscuit, stuffing the ol turkey, driving through the tunnell, inserting the probe, vaginal spelunking, breaking cherries, bumping uglies, etc.

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Have sex

A mocking gesture made in response to someone’s arguments perceived to be defending the actions or idealogies of incels.

A: I don’t know you don’t see attractiveness being a primary factor in getting dates. There’s already plenty of evidence that lookism is real and affects people’s lives on a daily basis. So what exactly is your argument?

B: have sex

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