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What is clean shit?

v. Get rid of evidence of a crime.

"It's time to clean up my shit before that asshole rats me out."

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Clean shit - what is it?

Smoking/Vaping dank out of a glass piece. Refers to the smoke that gathers in a glass piece when you start sucking on dat shit.

bitch: lemme hit this shit

*vapor gathers inside water pipe*

faggot: yo clean that shit nigga

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What does "clean shit" mean?

When you take a huge shit and barely have to wipe

β€œI took a clean shit yesterday, I clogged up the toilet and only used 2 wipes”

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Clean shit - what does it mean?

A shit that you feel come out and see in the toilet, but there is nothing on the toilet paper.

Guy 1 was taking a shit, but he must have had the clean shit because there was nothing on the toilet paper.

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Clean shit - meaning

When you take a shit and you don't have to wipe yourself because it came out clean.

random: wow, I though you took a number 2
another: yeah but it was a clean-shit

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Clean shit - definition

To shit without needing to wipe

John had just experienced the greatest clean shit ever, he just new he wouldn't have to wipe his ase

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