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What is dat shit?

to take/steal something

say i just took someone's id they had in their hand:

Me: I just jack dat shit.

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dat shit - video

Dat shit - what is it?

basically twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk DAT ASS

Hey, my bitch yesterday, she was "working dat shit"

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What does "dat shit" mean?

The response you get to a perfectly reasonable request. Usually mouthed by a jackass or a chump.

"Hey Nat, wanna go to Panache?"
"ehh fuk dat shit"

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Dat shit - what does it mean?

For when shit is particularly cray (or cray-cray)

Joffrey - "One is having a ghastly day! The chauffeur did not turn up on time, then when I visited the benk they told me I couldn't possibly withdraw half a million in such short notice"

Souzan - "Dat shit cray."

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Dat shit - meaning

Turn the music up, please. i like it

Yo, dats my jam! CRANK DAT SHIT UPP!

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Dat shit - definition

To be under any kind of influence of drugs or alcohol to your maximum level.

We went out yesterday and bought a fifth of vodka and got full of dat shit.

This some good weed man, "I'm full of dat shit"

I can't remember nothing from last night dog I was full of dat shit.

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Dat shit - slang

A phrase used to express ones decision not do something (E.g. eating a gross looking food, doing a chore, going somewhere, etc...)

Tom: Hey, do you want to go see Beverly Hills Chihuahua with me.
George: Fuck dat shit.

Boss: Take out the trash
Employee: Fuck dat shit.

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Dat shit

When you don't know what a slang means, and therefore must urbandictionary it.

whore: and then he donkey punched me!


thinks to self: I better urbandictionary dat shit!

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Dat shit





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Dat shit

1.)refering to an object
2.)A woman's body part

1.) Yo, what is dat shit?!
2.) Dude, did you see dat shit?

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