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What is needing?

Something everyone has that you must meet if you want to succeed etc. Easier said than done. We learn through our trauma, which is -at it's fundamental level- the experience of lacking something that we need and want in our life, that our need will not be met, and worse than that, that our needs are not ok. If basic needs aren't met according to the law of attraction life will naturally align you with people who can help you meet those unmet needs and it aligns you with ways and opportunities for you to meet your own needs. See also Maslow's Hierarchy of Basic Needs.

We all have needs.

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needing meme gif

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Needing - what is it?

1. A word denoting that a person or object is found to be wanting.

2. An exclamation used when something is found to be hilariously inadequate or unsatisfactory.

3. Abbreviation of Special Needs, i.e. Mentally or Physically retarded.

1. Dude 1 "I'm not coming out tonight, I'm watching Lost."

Dude 2 "Rah boy, you've got needs."

2. "Look! I got new trousers"

"Urgh, needs."

3. "Where's your brother today?"

"He's in the special unit cos he has special needs."

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What does "needing" mean?

casual "You're welcome." as in "There's no need to thank me. It was my pleasure."

"Thank you so much for dinner. The food was great."
"Hey, no need."

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Needing - what does it mean?

"The need?" is a phrase used to question what the point is in someone or something, essentially a shortened version of "what's the need in that?"

Person 1: Gary is such a fucking arsewipe

Person 2: I know, the need?

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Needing - meaning

1. To want desperately
2. To want for (in the British sense)

1. "I need a burrito/blow job/good kick to the head."
2. "I need you to untie me if you want a hand job."

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Needing - definition

n. American Slang - to want.

Man, I really need to get that sweet new phone!

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Needing - slang


udescription of any event, smell, taste, sight, feeling etc that is totally unnecessary.

Fat men in thongs - NO NEED!

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A group of Indian Technology professionals attempting to make sub-English requests to on-shore technical teams. Derived from the Indian request to "please do the needful", or "kindly do the needful", where "the needful" refers to "the necessary".

The "needfuls" just raped us today on code defects.

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An indian term usually used in place of the word "necessary"

Hi, with regards to that help you promised me, kindly do the needful.

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An informal question sometimes used to covertly offer the sale of illicit drugs, usually Cannabis.

Word, you need on?

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