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What is place?

A small area on a table, usually a few inches in diameter. When you eat, food tends to fall out of your utensil and onto this area. Anything on the place is considered "all over the place."

You're gettin' that all over the place!

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Place - what is it?

To fuck.

Placing: (v.)-> To fuck. To pipe. To nail. To have intercourse with.

Guy One: "Why are you still fucking with that bitch Sophia?"
Guy Two: "I'm just trying to place bro."

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What does "place" mean?

The location of something lit.

Bro 1 "Dude that party last night was so lit."
Bro 2 "Yeah man that house was fuckin place!"

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Place - what does it mean?

A mythical location, that most men dream of, where women are giving away free blowjobs. Usually used in a derogatory manner when referring to another guy's mother.

1. Your mom got fired from That Place for biting.
2. Hey I went to That Place last night and your mom was awesome.

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Place - meaning

to be put in your place.
another word for boyd
invented in south london, dulwich

'oi fam u got placed rawly'

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Place - definition

The area imagined which fulfills a desired emotion or feeling that is lacking in the present.

When I get angry I have to find my happy place.

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Place - slang

An exclamation which may be used to inform someone that they have crossed the line by word or deed, and must therefore be put back in their 'place'. Usually accompanied by a hand gesture reminiscent of talk to the hand, in which the outwards-facing palm is almost in contact with the face of the wrong-doer. A truly successful 'place' is said to have occurred if the miscreant is caught off-balance by the act of putting them in said place.

Example 1:
Temple Robber: I'm totally going to sneak into this temple.
Temple Guard: Place!

Example 2:
Tourist: Might I please have some information about local trains?
Tourist Information Desk: You have to go to the Travel Centre. Place!

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The tingly place between legs

BO makes me tingle in my no no place.

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"the place" is wherever and whenever. As long as you're high on Marijuana aka Weed!

It's a code word so people know you're high, tag yourself at "The Place" on Facebook to show friends you're smoking da green!!!

Mate: Where are you guys?

Myself: Me and the boys are at The Place

Mate: Oh I want in, so... where are you? And don't say the place!

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A nice way to speak to a girl of her vagina. guarenteed to keep you blame- and anger-free!

"can i touch your place?"

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