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What is place?

A place you don't want to wake up in. This means different things to different people. To a fat security guard its a street full of Maltby lorries or a world without barbecues.

Who's the miserable bastard wearing the silly hat?

Its Pork Scotch. He's miserable cos he woke up in a Badman Place. Maltby lorries everywhere.

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Place - what is it?

To be put in a position of complete and utter fuckerdness by the incompetency of another.
Most commonly a tweaker habit.

Damn tweaker scum stole Kristi's shit! Ben's gonna be pissed, that's the second time this week she got jake placed!

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What does "place" mean?

The most magical thing that existed when you were 6 years old. If you never played it then you were considered to not have a soul and you missed out.

Person 1: What's Purble Place?
Person 2: I-....heaven. It's heaven. Good day, sir. >:C

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Place - what does it mean?

To be put in one's place

Todd: Hey little buddy, what's going on?
Mark: Just finished banging your mom. How's that for what's going on?

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to be put in your place.
another word for boyd
invented in south london, dulwich

'oi fam u got placed rawly'

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To fuck.

Placing: (v.)-> To fuck. To pipe. To nail. To have intercourse with.

Guy One: "Why are you still fucking with that bitch Sophia?"
Guy Two: "I'm just trying to place bro."

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The location of something lit.

Bro 1 "Dude that party last night was so lit."
Bro 2 "Yeah man that house was fuckin place!"

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A nice way to speak to a girl of her vagina. guarenteed to keep you blame- and anger-free!

"can i touch your place?"

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The area imagined which fulfills a desired emotion or feeling that is lacking in the present.

When I get angry I have to find my happy place.

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An exclamation which may be used to inform someone that they have crossed the line by word or deed, and must therefore be put back in their 'place'. Usually accompanied by a hand gesture reminiscent of talk to the hand, in which the outwards-facing palm is almost in contact with the face of the wrong-doer. A truly successful 'place' is said to have occurred if the miscreant is caught off-balance by the act of putting them in said place.

Example 1:
Temple Robber: I'm totally going to sneak into this temple.
Temple Guard: Place!

Example 2:
Tourist: Might I please have some information about local trains?
Tourist Information Desk: You have to go to the Travel Centre. Place!

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