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What is Get rid of?

The definition of this is, none other than straight up fucking cowards, that are scared to death of time. So they do what cowards do, put their shit off on someone else bc they wanted to be ganstas until it's time to be a gansta and face reality PRISON! Everybody wanna go to heaven, but don't wanna die cause it scares them. I did 3 years at 100%, and I've been to every prison system for women in the state of TN. And my co defendents did none! Now I'm being harassed baby some cyber snitches for 5 months now!? I got beat up nearly killed by one. Bc he was let off. Ok is that why he ain't been arrested for nearly killing me!? It's not going down like that bc I stay on my toes but I'm fed up with it. My children aren't safe bc a physco was turned loose. So if my children or myself are harmed or I get falsely charged with something, I will not be held accountable for any of the illegal shit they are doing such as invading my privacy by hacking me into my personal accounts from Facebook, to my unemployment jobsforTN.GOV ACCOUNT. MY PERSONAL information was changed and tampered with. I haven't gotten my payment card due to that. Also the incriminating messages one of these cyber snitches have sent I had to delete and apologise to this man. It was embarassing! STOP THE CYBER SNITCHING! IF YOU GONNA SNITCH, DO IT THE RIGHT WAY! OH WAIT YOU CANT BC IM INNOCENT!!

get rid of cyber snitches- means you a straight bitch! Enough said! Atleast do it to my face! You ain't slick! Y'all wanna go to heaven, but y'all don't wanna die! No doubt!

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Get rid of - video

Get rid of - what is it?

Having an extreme reaction to something by getting rid of things

β€œYeah, they broke up. She’s getting rid of the bike and the dog.”

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What does "Get rid of" mean?

taking a leak, during or after a long night of drinking.

Excuse me, I need to get rid of some beer. That tree behind the keg looks like a good spot.

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Get rid of - what does it mean?

An exclamation proclaimed after a gullible person falls victim to an exclamation such as "Hey -insert name here-". If they answer with the word "What", then they have five minutes to get someone else to say the word...if they don't...they explode.

Hey Joe guess what!
Five minutes to get rid of it!
Dangit...uh...hey fred!

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Get rid of - meaning

The way to get rid of crabs. To get rid of crabs first you must shave one half of your pubic hair. Then take a bottle of liquor and saturate the remaining pubic hair. Then you must take a hand full of sand and sprinkle it on the shaved side. The crabs will then proceed to get drunk, come out of the forest and throw rocks at each other.

Shane looked up on the internet how to get rid of crabs and found that you must get a bottle of Jack Daniels, a handful of sand, and a razor..............

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Get rid of - definition

Throwing something away; discarding something.
Make sure you "get rid off" that suit, it's too old.
get rid off' doesn't make sense in English but mostly peoples use get ridoff.
A very papoular website GetRidOFF.COM on Get RidOFF topic .

dispose of; "Get rid off these old shoes!.

I would tell you to "get rid off" that fruit,

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Get rid of - slang

masturbation, particularly in a situation in which one is pressed for time; excellent for clearing your head (no pun intended)

Runa is coming over shortly; I'd better get rid of it so I'm relaxed when she gets here.

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Get rid of

to have removed, to remove; to free oneself from

giũ bỏ

I get rid of my debts at last.

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Get rid of

To dispose of the cum evidence after you nut one out after a handjob or footjob

No wait there's something I need to get rid of

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