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What is rats?

A rat is someone who looks weird.

rats in the streets

give me some sewer give me some garbage
give me some sewer and some cheese





"eww look at those fat rats walking down the street!"

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rats meme gif

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Rats - what is it?

A slang term for female breasts that makes little sense which most likely originated from the working-class vernacular. The word 'rats' is short for 'ratty-tat tats', a phrase itself which makes little sense.

Check out the rats on that pregnant chick.

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What does "rats" mean?

retarded assholes that suck

everybody in that group over there are rats!!

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Rats - what does it mean?

A slang term for White Castle hamburgers. In common use amongst stoners in the tri-state area, particularly the north eastern NJ area. The name probably arose from idle speculation in the 80's that the meat used in the hamburgers was of suspect origin, probably due to their well known gastronomic effects. Possums, road kill and rats were offered as candidates, with the rats winning out and the name has stuck ever since. If you say "Let's go get some rats!" to most anyone in north eastern New Jersey, they will most likely know exactly what you mean, and say "Hell, yeah!"

Example 1 - Stoner 1: Duuuuuude! I'm high as a friggin' kite and starving with the munchies! Stoner 2: It's only 2am...Let's go get some rats!

Example 2 - Guy on line in a crowded White Castle at 2am and ordering loudly but with a perfectly straight face: "Uhhhh..! I'll take THREE RATS...hold the heads..easy on the guts..tuck in the tails...and some free hospitality please!"
Tired lady at the counter: (Makes face like she hates her miserable life and would like to die...right NOW!)

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Rats - meaning

Short for hoodrats

"Look at my rat like she act brand new
"Hey boo, how are you?"
Yeah, cool, now tally-o your ass back across the room" - obie

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Rats - definition

Unattractive, normally a person.

"Carlos Tevez is rats"

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Rats - slang

The acute anxiety one feels accompanying a hangover following a night of excessive drinking due to a feeling that one said or did something remembered or unremembered that was ill-advised or embarrassing or may be construed by others as ignorant or abominable. Comes in doses. Likely to be of Corkonian origin.

Fiona dry-humped the boss in front of everyone at the Christmas party; she must have a terrible dose of the rats this morning.

I can't remember doing anything bad last night but for some reason I've an awful dose of the rats today.

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having an excessive amount of drugs in a pack

"dam look at all dem rats in da corna"

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a hott sexy peice of ace. a girl who can show up looking shitty on weekdays during school, yet on weekends looks fine before a couple brews and even better after a couple. You can catch rats by slaying them aka making them do the dirty. Either with a nice session of intercourse or maybe makin a quick and easy slay with making it to atleast 3rd base. Anyway good luck to you bros with slayin rats.

Hey bro, lets go slay some rats!


So are there even going to be any rats at this party? If not why the hell are we going.

trds totally suck at slayin rats.

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1. Plural, for rat.
2. A group of small animals, rodents. Tend to dwells in the sewers. (Sewer rat).
2. An expression of discontent. See also damn or shit.

1. Pied Piper: "Damn, where'd all these rats come from?"
2. "Rats!" Johnny exclaimed, when he discovered he'd shot the wrong person.
3. After several smelly farts, and downing a package of ex-lax pills, Bobby realized that it was time to feed the rats.

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