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What is clean?

1. See cool.

2. Positive connotation.

Damn, that movie was clean!

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Clean - what is it?

means this person is not carrying weapons or drugs

Yo, dis niggas clean, let him in

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What does "clean" mean?

A song, usually of the rap/hip-hop genre, that has been pruned of all foul language and references to sex or drugs.

"I downloaded the clean mix of that song."

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Clean - what does it mean?

dressed up nice.

dawg, went and got clean on us

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Clean - meaning

Clean is a slang term for cocaine meaning very very good cocaine

You those dubs of clean are fire. We are going to be discoing through the 80's again

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Clean - definition

1. to throw as much crap into your closet as quickly as possible.

2. someone that has no STD's or STI's.

1. my room is clean grandma.

2. wanna make out? im clean.

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Clean - slang

something nice or tight

His new Mercedes is clean

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Having stopped taking drugs.

"I've been clean for 3 weeks"

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describing an item that looks really nice.

Yo, that suit's clean!!!

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When someone has not self-harmed for a certain amount of time.

Iā€™ve been clean for 3 months now.

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