Definder - what does the word mean?

What is looks?

to peek at one's private parts

I looked.

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Looks - what is it?

Look replaces the word information

"Thanks for the look"

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What does "looks" mean?

(noun) an intense stare between two people with obvious affection for each other

Oh my god , you guys, Ryan and I had a major looking in math class today! It was for, like, 10 seconds!!

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Looks - what does it mean?

The piece in an Asian chess set that is also called a Castle.

My look took you prawn. I win!

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the prensent tense of look

we are looking forward to it

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A condescending way to change the topic of conversation or line of questioning. Predominantly used by politicians when answering tough questions. It subtly puts the onus back on the person asking the question, for not asking the "right" question.

Reporter: Mr. President, it's been established by economists and business leaders alike that the trillion dollar stimulus package you passed has done nothing to create jobs in the private sector. What is your response to this criticism?

President: That's a great question, but look... uh... we really need to focus our efforts on cereal if we're going to truly make a difference for the children.

Reporter/Room: Ah yes, you're so right! That is the real issue. How could we have been so ignorant to ask the question we did...?

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A term used in online hookup sights to ask or state that you are looking for a hookup ‘right now’

“You looking?” “Ya you wanna come over for a hookup?”

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To feel deep affection for someone; synonym for love.

I look you to the moon and back.

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Something that makes you unique alongside personality and intelligence

-What's so unique about you?
-Ehh, personality, and looks?

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What many people say doesn't matter until they get into dating themselves. It's natural for us to want to date the hottest person in order to be sexually satisfied. I mean yeah, it's not the best idea to date a pretty, stuck up bitch, but don't expect your hormones to be happy about you dating someone just because they have "a good personality."

average person: Idc about looks all that matters is personality.
Me: What about that girl over there, she's very thoughtful and nice
average person: Hell nah, she ugly af

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