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What is clogged up?

when your on facebook and almost all the newsfeed updates are from one person posting too much things or updating too much photos or what have you.

(this phrase is not limited to facebook, can be used wherever newsfeeds are being overrun by dumb shit being posted)

1: "uh this dumb bitch keeps posting random ass videos & crap idc about, totally clogging up my newsfeed & not letting me see other updates"
2: "why dont you just block all her posts"
1: "nah, what if one day she says something 'useful' to me"
2: "doubt it.. no one on facebook says anything useful"

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clogged up - video

Clogged up - what is it?

When someone really annoying on Facebook constantly updates their status, pictures, or comments on everyone's wall with nonsense.

Bob: Dude Jim is getting so annoying.
Bill: Why?
Bob: He continues to clog up the feed.

Bill: Yeah I hate when people do that

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What does "clogged up" mean?

a vagina with a penis inside it.

Aah it felt bhum when I was clogged up.

You should have seen the face she was making when she was clogged up.

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