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What is wipe?

When one is too lazy to get up and take a shit, so they allow the feces to stay compressed in their ass, and when the person is relieved they allow the shit to stay there. Later, when the person finally gets up, instead of shitting, they only whip their ass.

"OMGWTFBBQ What's that smell??"
"Sorry dude, I'm wiping it today."

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Wipe - what is it?

The act of being extremely tired.

I just finished my workout, I'm totally wiped.

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What does "wipe" mean?

Something that weenies do after they take a dump.

Meagan: "Who wipes??"
Hannah: "NOT ME!"
Meagan: "Me either"
Hannah: "Obviously."
*Clyde walks in*
Meagan and Hannah "..."
Clyde: "I wipe..."
Meagan: "Ew."

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Wipe - what does it mean?

Short for wiped out; really exhausted, to the point of not being able to move or function.

I spent too long at that party last night - man, am I wiped.

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Wipe - meaning

what to yell out (followed by the person's name) when someone you know lets rip with a very loud, watery fart in inappropriate surroundings

KENNY: (lets rip with a very loud, watery fart during the wedding ceremony)
CHRIS: (yells out from near the back) WIPE IT, KENNY!

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Wipe - definition

The healthiest of bowel movements requiring no use of toilet paper. Usually characterized by a corrugated surface and typically the product of a healthy diet.

Man I was glad to have a no-wipe this morning. My veggie diet and regular trips to the gym are really paying off!

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Wipe - slang

A term used instead of saying someones name, or as a nickname. Also an act of cleaning something, where a wet cloth or sponge is used to wipe it.

Boy: I like chickens
Girl: okay wipe :)

Boy: i want to wipe you
Girl: okay wipe

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Short for asswipewhen used in a context where asswipe would be overused or mundane.

I'm gonna kick your ass, you wipe.

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To crash, or fall when attempting a manuveur (skaeboarding, bmx, etc.) Short for "wipe out".

Did you see that dude wipe? He really ate shit, didn't he?

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Used in mmorpgs when the enter party dies.

We wiped on the boss 3 times so everyone left.

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