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What is barely?

alot of, or lots of

I have bare doe

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Barely - what is it?

Means Loads of something.

Im BARE Tired, or Ive Got Bare Cash

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What does "barely" mean?

Women looking for nothing but no strings sex or fun.

Term originally arrives from the outer parts of the west midlands, and thought to have been heard on the outskirts of Telford.
Bareness aka Bare hardcore shit... or bare hardcore bitches. The term can be used in many variaties of slang.

One might be going on holiday to Magaluf for example, and because of the amount of women that are located in this area looking for sex alone, with no strings or no feelings to be held against the opposite sex, the term would be used as follows "How was magaluf mate?" .... "Magaluf was Full of Bareness you should of come"

another example may be, "Coming out tonight Craig?" and his reply may be....."yeah for deffinate! gotta get some of that hardcore bareness my shit"

There are thought to be rules that apply to looking for bareness also which are thought to be:

Rule 1: Bareness is simply abit of stuff, not long term commitment or love.
Rule 2: Bareness is a fair game for all fellow bare hunters which can be pre booked, but not excluding sharing if the bareness has no objection
Rule 3: Fellow bare hunters can muscle in and steal bareness up until point of sealing the deal
Rule 4: All bare hunters must share storys next day after sealing the deal.
Rule 5: The most important rule, bareness is NEVER worth loosing good mates over

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Barely - what does it mean?

a lot of, an excessive amount.

-fuck cunt fuck little chav has nicked my handbag!
-thats terrible what was in it.
-bare shit!
-why on earth would you have bear shit in your handbag, it must have stunk!

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Barely - meaning

1. Lots of (many, a large amount of)
2. Very (extremely)

1. We've toked bare joints today
2. We're bare chunged

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Barely - definition

The only word that means the opposite of itself.

My cupboards are bare = My cupboards are empty
I've done bare work today = I've done lots of work today

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Barely - slang

A lot of; very; an exclamation used in disbelief.

The woman had bare cats; I was bare tired; "I have a new car!" "Bare!"

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adj. A term used to describe something that is bare, but bare again. Such that it is 2xbare or "bare on bare"

Person 1: You getting some piece tonight?
Person 2: Yeh, but only bare on bare piece!

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A nervous statement that displays uncertainty.

Person 1: Are you really legally blind?
Person 2: Barely...uh..yeah, but baaaarely....

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By a very little;

could barely see the road in the fog.

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