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What is number 2?

Another word for poop

Uh-oh! I gotta go number 2!

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number 2 - video

Number 2 - what is it?

Just another way to describe taking a shit

Kaylee : Wow Jakes really mad today!
Kiersten : What's the big deal so I went Number 2 on his dick last night!
Kaylee : So I guess anal sex wasn't the best idea!
Chad : God Damn't Steve if you want me to continue fucking you in the ass you cannot go Number 2 on my dick ok!
Steve : Im sorry baby it's just your dick in my ass just makes me so excited plus I really like chili & tacos!
Chad : Yeah you do like licking chili off my dick & balls don't you!
Kaylee : Oh my god you two are so disgusting!
Kiersten : Yeah no kidding so gross guy's so gross!

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What does "number 2" mean?

Derek Jeter, Yankee shortstop, to retire after the 2014 baseball season.

"At shortstop, Number 2...Number 2!"

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Number 2 - what does it mean?

A rhyming slang for taking a poo.

For al those retar- I mean, people - who mistake number 3 for number 1, it's a rhyming slang. Number 3 means to pee. Number 1 means none.

Little boy Johnny, went to the loo,
He ate so much, he went for a number 2.
Little boy Johnny, got out of the loo,
He drank so much, he suddenly had to pee.
So Little Johnny went there and gone for a number 3!

Got it now?

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Number 2 - meaning

To poop, defecate, excrete fecal matter from the anus.

I had a lot of pizza, so now I'm constipated and finding it hard to number 2

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Number 2 - definition

Rhyming slang for doing a poo.

Similarly number 3 is rhyming slang for doing a pee.

Had so much to eat, gotta do a massive number 2.

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Number 2 - slang

A two cheeseburger combo meal at mcdonalds!

Uhhh, could i getta number 2 with a coke and supa size that shiet!

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Number 2

a kiddie saying of taking a dump

alright im taking a number 2

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Number 2

What my dog did on my sisters bedroom floor last night...a good old dump right beside her baseball jersey. really says something about her team

last night my dog did this huge number 2 on the floor... she had sleep on the sofa.

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Number 2

To excrete waste; take a shit.

"This may take some time, I gotta take a number two."

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