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What is yeah but?

A "gangster" term, that just simply beats the normal "yeah man!" or "yeah dude!".

Or you can use the "english teacher" version:
"Yes yes motherfucker yes yes!"

Jimmy: "Ay man u wanna hit up the movies?"

Ronny: "Yeah yeah mofucka yeah yeah!"

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yeah but - video

Yeah but - what is it?

To subtle agree with someone; to agree with someone without any actual knowledge or belief in the subject.

Tim: Dude, did you see yesterdays primaries? I never thought that that could actually happen!
Peter: Yeah yeah. Yeah! Those primaries rock.

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What does "yeah but" mean?

Refering to or someone, Usually in slang, without saying what you really want but ,the two speakers know but dont want anyone else to know..

What's up with the yeah with the yeah

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Yeah but - what does it mean?

Sarcastic way of saying you've heard enough of someone, usually their excuses. They need to get to the point or just shut up.

- "... and then I had to stop and get gas, and the traffic ..."
- "Yeah yeah, you're late."

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Yeah but - meaning

a band that consists on karen o the singer nick zinner the guitarist brian chase the drummer.the band formed in new york because karen had a rocker chick friend who brang her out to clubs and met nick zinner again.Nick zinner was in her high school and nick knew she sang sad songs so nick and karen formed up to make songs but back then they made songs that were melancholic and then when they were going to have a live gig karen remembered brian chase back in her highschool that he played drums so they called brian up and asked if he could play for them and the whole band formed

the yeah yeah yeahs rule!!!!

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Yeah but - definition

An orgasm for your ears.

"What's the extreme look of pleasure on your face?"

"Oh, I was just listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs."

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Yeah but - slang

A phrase used by males while referring to previous, future, or most often imaginary sexual encounters. It is pronounced more like Yee Yee Yee and spoken in a slightly higher pitched voice.

Abe: Did you see the way she smiled at me?
Eric: I guess
Abe: Yeah yeah yeah, I'm gettin some tonight!!

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Yeah but

one of the most awesome creative bands that ever existed, with the hipest chicest lead singer ever. Karen O. is the queen of cool.

I saw the band in concert and karen threw her water bottle at my head.

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Yeah but

a common phrase used by many the townie, rarfie and charv/a alike, is totally stupid, gay and retarded You cannot walk anywere in the north east of england (europe) without hearing this phrase.

usually used as 'yeah but no'

you have a good night?
'yeah but no'

i had sexual intercourse with my girlfriend last?
'yeah but i had ya mam'

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Yeah but

1. a phrase used to agree with an opponent in an argument, yet to continue your contempt, disdain, and disagreement with the conclusion

1a. the way to win ANY argument, ever.

Joe: Women should be bound to the kitchen, ironing my clothes, and cooking my dinner!

Mary: Women have equal rights, and can't be put down and kept in the kitchen where we have been basically used as slaves.

Joe: Yeah but..

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