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What is gathers?

A fucking kick ass gothic metal band at first...later, a fucking kick ass *lol* gothic rock band.

Roch: The Gathering fucking rules!
Random Guy: Hell yeah!, Anneke's freaking hot.

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Gathers - what is it?

the most lame and pointless alternative to saying "figured"

christine: you have a friend that goes here?
matt: yeah, she's in the same grade as me
christine: gathered.
matt:... wtf?
christine: gathered! like figured...
matt: wha - who the hell says that??

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What does "gathers" mean?

a group of people hanging with you, at a party or just where ever!

im having a gatheration at my house

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Gathers - what does it mean?

A get-together called a 'gathering' instead of a party, just in case people don't turn up and it turns out to be.. well.. pretty dull.

We're having a gathering Saturday night. Wanna come?

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Gathers - meaning

To "Gather," is the act, of recovering, after a most embarrassing mistake or "slip-up."

Or to recollect, oneself.

Ms. Damian: "Casey, you with us?"

Casey: ".... (staring, off into space)

Nick: "Willy, gather!!"

Cam: Gather Willy"

Andrew: "Gather!"

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Gathers - definition

verb- the act of collecting fruits, berries, and nuts into a satchel of some sort. Someone who performs this act is referred to as a gatherer. Typically humans who are named Wayne or have the surname Wayne tend to be the better gatherers. Such gatherers also gather themselves, their satchels, and many and much moments. Some gatherers in the pop culture world include Wayne Brady and Satchel Paige.

Steinberger: gather yourselves, gather your satchels, gather many and much moments

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Gathers - slang

The local constables. They gather you up.

"Here come the 'Gather', split"

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When a person tries to come for you or question you and your authority, you retaliate with pure indiscriminate justice. This often times makes the victim embarrassed, ashamed or belitted.

This chick was tryin'to pop off in front of her lame ass friends. What she doesn't know is that I will gather her trifling ass if she keeps on.

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a gay loud mouth fagot

man that guy is such a gathers

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London word for Police...

They "Gather you up" to arrest you

Watch out the gathers are up your arse

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