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What is commitment?

An act of dedication to someone or something

When I married my husband I committed to him for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part

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Commitment - what is it?

willing to sacrifice things for the sake of something else.

the girl was committed in her relationship

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What does "commitment" mean?

See hung by the nuts

The woman hun the man but his nuts.

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Commitment - what does it mean?

Fuck that.

Commitment is like puss. You get a taste, think its okay then BAM! it sucks. Really, Really sucks. Avoid if possible.

Girl: "I love you"
Guy is a fucking speck on the horizon.

Commitment: Yeah right.

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Commitment - meaning

Commitment simply means to be commited to the task in hand.

"Wheres the commitment lads?"

"Right I want to see some commitment this time gents"

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Commitment - definition

Something women tend to try say they want, but when they commit to you and you are married and have money, they dump you like you're a dumbshit. (See whoring bitches)

That woman tried to make a commitment but only lied to steal my money and house!

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Commitment - slang

1. To be loyal to an organization, person or fan base

2. The act of committing
3. The act of following through

He was a loyal customer and that is proven by his commitment to only shop here.

She is a loyal gf because she is acknowledges commitment.

I have a prior commitment, thereby will not be able to meet you for lunch.

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sticking with something long after the mood you have said it in has left you..

robert while high "ime gonna stack lots of money this summer and stay commited to my commitment"

robert sober

"fuck stackin ime gonna smoke weed"

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Something men are frequently afraid of.
Proposal of this will most definently end a relationship.

Me:I love you
Guy slowly backs away then turns and sprints

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Commitment is what
Transforms the promise into reality.
It is the words that speak
Boldly of your intentions.
And the actions which speak
Louder than the words.
It is making the time
When there is none.
Coming through time
After time after time,
Year after year after year.
Commitment is the stuff
Character is made of;
The power to change
The face of things.
It is the daily triumph
Of integrity over skepticism.

When I say I love you, I mean that I'm committed to working to love you even when it's hard.

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