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What is frequently?

A person who comes to the Emergency Room on a regular basis for non-emergent complaints, particularly those relating to chronic pain. Refers to someone who wastes the ER doctor's time and/or tries to get unnecessary narcotics from the doctor.

Harriet is here again, what a frequent flyer. She said in triage,"I have menstrual cramps and ran out of my vicodin again. I hope Dr Smith is here"

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Frequently - what is it?

Someone who is constantly high on cheap or unreliable drugs, such as Pot or Crack

Hey look at that high guy!
Yeah, he's a frequent flier

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What does "frequently" mean?

A person who is a frequent rider of the band wagon. They always follow the trends and what is currently hot. These are the kind of people who always do the those new stupid dances that keep coming out and hop on any new artist that is just coming up. They are also known as dick riders.

frequent rider: Yo man, Drake is the best rapper alive!
me: Hop off his sack, there is no way a rapper who just came out for a few years is the best rapper alive. You're a frequent rider aren't you?

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Frequently - what does it mean?

a person who says lol after every sentence, even if the thing they said is not funny, at all.

fred=frequent lol'er

bob: mom died...
fred: that sucks lol
message on myspace:

sup haha what are you up to haha im just being bored haha my dog died lol it sucks im crying haha shit so what are you doing lol im so bored haha yeah so lol message lol me lol back lol

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Frequently - meaning

1) Commonly, someone who is a repeat user of a product or service, regardless of the nature of the business.

2) In healthcare, someone who is frequently showing up for similar injuries or disorders. Often, this is applied specifically in the world of drug and alcohol rehabilitation (rehab) to somebody who has tried to get sober (clean up or dry out) but has had frequent relapses. According to current statistics, the majority of addicts (80%) are likely to relapse after the first try.

1)β€œYou watch the register, I’ll take care of Mr. Jones. Don’t worry, I’ve already got his order. It’s the same thing every day. He’s one of our frequent fliers.”

2)β€œLooks like we’ve got Sandy back again. Room 5. Yup, heroin again. We’ve got her on some Seroquel and an Ativan drip, so at least she’s calm this time. She’s another one of our frequent fliers.”

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Frequently - definition

The act of not going to a particular place.

Joe, is that the synagogue that you frequent? No, I can't stand that one - that's the one I in-frequent.

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Frequently - slang

Basic and ordinary

God she can be so frequent with her lulus and Starbucks

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1. To do something habitually or something that happens repeatedly in a short period of time

2. Make regular appearences at a place

Thug: "Motherfucker frequents my streets. I'm gonna tighten his ass up"

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Many times, repeating, shows up over and over, appearing in regular or irregular loops.

Books are frequent in book stores.

The apples frequently fell down from the branches.

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Basically every day!

"If you go to MIT, I will visit you frequently."

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