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What is stackin?

Used as a compliment or observation for a funny person that causes many breaks in between telling jokes, because people keep laughing and cheering. When you are telling jokes and you get an Applause Break after Applause Break, you start Stakin' those Breaks.

I went to a stand up show and the guy was so funny. People kept laughing and clapping. I think he had an applause break that lasted over half a minute. He was Really Stackin Breaks in there.

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Stackin - what is it?

To acquire large sums of cash and putting your bundles of cash in stacks.

I made so much money at the Walgreens after I got paid I was chip stackin'

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What does "stackin" mean?

Stackin’ Dreamz
Is when you set your mind to achieve multiple goals in life.
determined to turn your talents into success.

committed to making your dreams come true.

Person : I have spent half of my life committed to Stackin’ Dreamz.

BY: GiovanniDYMillyentei

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Stackin - what does it mean?

To be packin. Where one is loaded up and ready for war.

"What you packin? I'm a stackin 7 bullets for war!"

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Stackin - meaning

Stackin' - To collect lots of numbers from the opposite sex or same depending on preference. Using these numbers in times of lacking some sex or companionship.Don't hate the player,hate the game.

Boy: Damn Pam sure is stackin' those numbers up
Boy2: Damn rite she is,she's a playah for stackin' them numbers up like pancakes

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Stackin - definition

A word used to defined the money-hungry animals known as Wendy's, who raised Stack Attack prices from 99 cents to $1.49, causing consumers of less income to be unable to afford this product. Can also be used to describe any other greedy person or corporation.

Man, Wendy's be stackin' when they be raisin' their Stack Attack prcies, it is hella lame.

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Stackin - slang

to count one's money.

stackin my money
"just really wanna smoke my weed, fuck deez hoes and stack my g's"

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tits, face, and ass; the all around package of a lumptuous body. (to describe GIRLS only)

"Dang! that girl's stackin!"

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Making lots of money

I'm stackin money up to the sky

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A set of symbols derived from the hands; usually affiliated with a certain gang.

I was stackin to rep SS on these fools.

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