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What is turns?

This is one card dealt face up on the table after the flop in Texas holdem poker

Well, I didn't get any help with the flop, maybe I will the card I get at the turn. I'm dreaming.

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Turns - what is it?

To start working. A U.S. Navy expression.

See turn and burn

"Alright! Let's turn to."

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What does "turns" mean?

sexually excited, sexually aroused, sexually stimulated

I'll bet he was turned on when he saw her with her pants down. We all know he is a pervert.

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Turns - what does it mean?


Turn in your assignments.

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Turns - meaning

turning is the intimate process in vampire culture when a vampire creates another, out of a human. contrary to the awakening, the person who is turned, gains the powers of the vampire 'sire' or 'maker' almost instantly. the process itself is kept secret in the society and revealed only to the worthy.

the turning: there are many examples, though all are different a little. some sources say it's done 72 hours after the feeding on a human, others tell the human's blood is drained and than fed by the vampire's blood.. the truth is not public though.

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Turns - definition

A turn on is something that makes you really excited or really horny. when you're with your makes you want more.

Moaning is such a turn on.

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Turns - slang

To go to sleep.

John: "I'm gonna go turn in."

Robert: "Good night!"

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When one turns on the lights to read their holy bible

iā€™m just gonna go turn on the lights and grab my bible

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drink alcoholic beverages /drinking alcoholic beverages, for the purpose of intoxication; get drunk/the process of getting drunk (From "Turning one's glass/can up ;To raise a glass/can in drink

"God, I made a FOOL out of myself last night and trashed the Camaro, but , what the hell, I was turning, so, it was fun...I think..."

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a turn is an emotion, caused by immense stress, sadness, and/or anger. it can come over a course of a few minutes, or instantly.

turns are fueled by anger and sadness, and usually result in lashing out against others and things around you.

it is very dangerous to be around someone when they are having one of their turns. turns can only go away after the individual having one calms down, in which they'll return to a state of depression and sadness.

First coined in the song "One of My Turns" by Pink Floyd.

"and of my turns comin' on..." -Pink Floyd

"Leave me alone...I can feel one of my turns"

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