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What is sticking?

Putting your penis (deeeeik) in a vagina. Having sex.

Yeah mayn, stick it in
you stick it in her vag yet?

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Sticking - what is it?

Minimally developed rural countryside, especially unsophisticated rustic areas.

One day soon, I'm moving away from these sticks and catching a Greyhound to New York City. I've stepped in enough chicken shit, and chopped enough wood to last a lifetime!

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What does "sticking" mean?

in the boonies, in the middle of no where

"He lives in Glenburn, ME in the sticks."

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Sticking - what does it mean?

What you would call a broken boomarang

The boomarang never came back...lets just call it a stick

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Sticking - meaning

"stick" is a slang term used in south florida(miami for example) which is used to describe an ak- 47, but is also sometimes used to describe a big gun(automatic) such as an ar- 15 or m- 16.

goon #1:man these f*** n****'s around the corner just tryed me!

goon #2: man f*** that go grab the stick!

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Sticking - definition

In the middle of no where.

He woke up in the sticks after a night on the binge.

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Sticking - slang

Middle of nowhere, beyond the outskirts of town.

The place we were headed was out in the sticks, so we didn't expect there to be much else around it.

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A therapeutic exercise in which one picks up sticks off the ground set out by a sponsor while trying to overcome alcoholism; helps give a sense of confidence in completing a task and a sense of achievement.

After my brother received a DUI, my dad used the sticking program to wean him off booze.

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when a guy ejaculates on the chest of a woman and leaves his penis there until his penis is stuck on the woman's chest/breasts.

Sticking her was an awesome idea and felt great.

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Trinidadian slang for an action that has remained incomplete for a long time. Usually employed to berate the person perpetuating the action.

You ent finish de dishes yet? How yuh sticking so?!

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