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What is afraid?

The natural and perpetual state of human males.

Lacking the decency and character to invest one's time and energy into a long-term relationship or a marriage. May be caused by an over-production of testosterone, immaturity, inflated ego, and in most cases, simply being male.

Side effects may include frequent breakups and new girlfriends, frequent one-night stands, general unreliability in a relationship of any type, and a vocabulary of bullshitty dating jargon such as "I just want to be friends with you."

99.9% of all men are born with this condition, guaranteeing that women will spend most of their dating years with shitty, unreliable, wimpy men.

"My boyfriend just broke up with me after we'd only been dating 2 months. I think he's afraid of commitment."

Samuel was so afraid of commitment that he dumped every girl he dated as soon as he realized she was actually willing to work at a relationship.

"I can't get married...I'm afraid of commitment!"

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Afraid - what is it?

Naked and Afraid is a game when a group of friends (presumably straight men) all get naked and turn off the lights, except one who is declared β€œthe scary man”, who gets to wear a mask. The scary man then gets to choose a weapon of his choice which can go from a wide variety of weapons from a belt to a boot. When the scary man is chosen and everyone is naked you are now ready to begin the game. To begin the game all must put their hands on The Bible and at the count of three everybody says no homo to ensure the least amount of homo as possible. After this, the lights are turned off and Slipknot is blasted on as many speakers as possible. When the lights are off everybody in the room scatters and the scary man waits a few seconds before he goes on his rampage and attacks everyone with his weapon. Once you have been hit, you are out of the game. Essentially, a very intense game of hide and go seek.

Person 1: Yo dude how did you get that burn on your back?

Person 2: Oh yeah, the other day I played naked and afraid with my friends and Nick chose a febreeze bottle and lighter as his weapon.

Person 1: Geez, sounds brutal bro.

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What does "afraid" mean?

A show were 1,2-up to 6 people go naked in the wild (Africa, the Amazon, Brazil, etc) and have to survive for 14-21 days. If they feel like they can’t continue they can tap out and leave however they would leave their partner (if they have one) as well as bringing down their P.S.R (basically it’s a 1-10 survival rating) some of the best are Mat, his P.S.R is 9.8 this is because he is a fucking beast at killing shit.

Did you watch the new episode of Naked And Afraid bitch tapped out on the second night XD

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Afraid - what does it mean?

When your girl doesn't know she's your girl and she's screaming because she doesn't know how she ended up in your basement

Lilly was naked and afraid. Michael was just naked.

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Afraid - meaning

Used when admitting a somewhat embarrassing or shameful fact about one's self.

"Afraid so," Cosley sheepishly replied, when questioned about his membership in a

Motley Crue tribute band.

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Afraid - definition

Eminem's song from the shitty sell-out album Recovery. Where he does songs with mainstream pop-shitters like lil wayne and pink. A song that makes 14 year old girls wet, The same girls that love justin bieber.

14 year old girl: Hey I heard you like eminem

Random guy: Yeah, why?


Random guy: Fuck off, Recovery album and not afraid sucks dick.

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Afraid - slang

When you are too scared to tell someone how you feel because they might say something you don't like. More of like being turned down by them...

I am scared. Like my afraidness is getting in the way but I really want you to know how I feel.

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After unprotected sexual intercourse, you are afraid you might have AIDS.
You have the afraids.

Dude I was out of condoms last night and banged this chick, now I have the afraids.

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The most inspirational song by Eminem who is the greatest rapper of all time and an absolutely awesome song

What’s your favourite Eminem song mine is not afraid

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im afraid u wont love me anymore im afraid im going to loose u. im afraid you'll replace me and find someone better than me im afraid someone will make u happier than I can. im afraid u will lose interest in me, in us.

im afraid to leave u

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