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What is sake?

The most amazing person you well ever meet.

I wish I was a Sake.

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Sake - what is it?

Sake is a word to use if youre shaking while skiing

I love sakeing

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What does "sake" mean?

A Japanese liquor made from fermented rice.

Sake is pronounced Sah-Kay.

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Sake - what does it mean?

Bar in oneonta where shit goes down

Person 1: Yo where you goin after the party?

Person 2: I'm goin to sake its goin to be poppin

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Sake - meaning

from Old English sacan:
to argue with; to blame; to accuse

possible forms
present: sake(s)
past: sook (or soke)
weak past: has (or have) saken
-ing type present: is (or are) saking

Don't sake your brother for that mess in the family room, young lady. I saw you make it.

He continues to sake his lysdexia for his frequent spelling errors.

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Sake - definition

Rice wine from Japan. Usually served hot rather than cold.

At the Japanese noodle stand, the man ordered a cup of sake to go along with his meal.

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Sake - slang

Noun: Japanese acholic beverage made from fermented rice.

Amoung my other liquiors you will find many bottles of sake.

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goodness, health, existence, life. Pete has enough of it for everyone, and his seems to be the most valuable of all sake.

"For pete's sake, couldn't you just shut the fuck up?!"

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Literally means "alcohol" in Japanese. In the English speaking world, sake refers to "Nihon-shu", Japanese rice wine.

Ichi-no-kura, my favorite. Served best chilled. "Umai desu yo!"

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Japanese rice wine.

"Sake's a rather dry drink."

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