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What is stack?

To fall over or to trip someone up.

1. See that bruise? I stacked it with keys in my pocket.
2. I'm gonna stack that guy right into the wall.

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Stack - what is it?

An insult given to another person in an argument. It is commonly used on a person who has talked smack and or is being a smart ass.

Both sides can give the stacks, which will escalate to a bigger argument. However, it is not uncommon for one person to be the only one throwing the stacks.

Matt: Damn, man! Does your mother still dress you in the morning?
Avery: Woah! You're about to catch one. I'm about to give you the stacks.
Your forehead looks like a fucking Honda windshield.
Matt: Alright man, Chill. Chill.

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What does "stack" mean?

A stack is an insult or an acknowledgement of an insult.

Man: You are pretty.
Woman: I still wouldn't go out with you.
Man's friend: Stack!

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Stack - what does it mean?

1. a term used in the computerized accounting system to denote a file of unapproved transactions which must be approved by a competent authority to effectuate the transactions.
2. (of transactions) to enter in a stack.

1. The stack is empty. All the stacked transactions have been approved.
2. The teller made an entry in the computer system, which got stacked. The head teller then approved the stacked entry.

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Stack - meaning

to fall over or crash badly resulting in great injury or damage

Stu: How did you break your legs?
Al: I was running down the stairs and i stacked it big time

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Stack - definition

To be able to apply more than once, or combine with something else that has the same effect. Comes from video games and pen-and-paper RPGs.

The flyer says "30% off all jeans". Does that stack with the student discount?

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Stack - slang

Originally "100 bills", bound in a paper ribbon.

Among black people and proles of America it's synonymous with a grand, in any combination of bills.

Tool: "I hope you brought some cash."
Poser: "I got a stack on deck, bitch!"
Tool: "A stack of?"
Poser: "A grand, fool!"
Tool: "You brought a stack of monopoly money? We got a high roller here."

Contrary to popular belief, it's legal to carry a stack of 100s around without declaring it to the Treasury.* Just be white or famous.

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Aussie slang for crashing and/or falling off something accidentally or falling down. Usually when operating a vehicle.

Jack: What happened to your rear end?
Andy: Mate, I was riding down to Maccas in only me Speedos when I slipped off the back of me seat and me nads got wedged between the back wheel and frame of me pushy! I then stacked it into a rose bush and I couldn't move - me nads were stuck!
Jack: You'd be spewin!
Andy: Fucken oath!
Jack: So how'd you get free?
Andy: Well, the Ambo got there about 20 minutes later and after cutting away what was left of me Speedos, which was fuck all, they tried for about an hour to get me sack out.
Jack: Were you spewin?!
Andy: Shit yeah! Big time! They were gonna use a crowbar to...
Jack: Fuck me! A crowbar!
Andy: Fuck yeah, I know! When the granny - whose rose bush I fubared - chucked the ambos some Vas and said "That'll do the trick, fellas". That got me tackle out in bugger all time. No dramas.
Jack: Sweet. How's ur nads now?
Andy: Sweet as, mate.
Jack: Sweet.
Andy: Sweet.
Jack: No wukkas.

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64 of any given item, originating from Minecraft.

Yo Dylan, can I have a stack of cobble?
Sure bruv, but can I have a half stack of chiseled stone brick in return?

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one stack = 1 G

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