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What is Bob?

A name that people name imaginary people, or call themselves. They think it is the funniest thing ever, when it is actually just stupid. These people should not be encouraged. They should be stabbed in the eye instead.

Person 1 (giggly and laughy): Hey, my name is Bob.
Person 2: *sets Person 1 on fire*

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Bob - what is it?

The world's most amazing person.

Bob is cooler than Chuck Norris.

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What does "Bob" mean?

The Titan of the west from the Percy Jackson series, Iapetus fought Percy, but then lost all of his memories after he fell into the River Lythe(The river of memory). When he came out, he was so innocent that Percy couldn't kill him. Percy told him that his name was Bob, that they were friends, and took him to work in the palace of Hades(God of the Underworld). Bob later appeared when Percy and his girlfriend Annabeth were wandering the eternal pit of damnation, Tartarus. He helped them, and his memories soon came back to him. It was because of him that they made it through Tartarus and out the Doors of Death. He closed them after all. He is still the only good Titan that they know.

When Zoe Nightshade died she became the stars. Zoe is the daughter of Atlas. Atlas is the son of Iapetus. Iapetus A.K.A. Bob. That makes Zoe the granddaughter of Iapetus. As Iapetus was closing the Doors of Death, his last words were, "Tell the stars I say hello."

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Bob - what does it mean?

When you have nothing better to say and you're confused... this is the best word to use.

hotchick5237458: Wanna cyber?

Tim: Bob.

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Bob - meaning

A word to say when some stranger asks for your name. Very entertaining results.

Stranger: Hey, kid, what's your name?

Kid: Bob.

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Bob - definition

A southern term in Virginia that describes a person as in dude, bro, or to call someone unknown

Wass good Bob it's been forever since I've seen you.
Who is that Bob? Aye who you Bob?


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Bob - slang

A haircut often worn by poodle people.

One of the poodle people had a bob and always preached about how people talked about the recession like it was over, when things were worse than ever. It almost makes you wonder where the interest in depressions and recessions came from, or whether the kind of person who would sabotage something mechanical would sabotage something financially, since wondering about people's intentions is not the same as forming a conspiracy theory.

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The most awe inspiring name in existance. Think of any historical feat in existance and he's done it. The first name that pops into your head, for obvious reasons. All hail he who is known as Bob.

Me: "Hey Bob! You rock!"

Bob: "I know, I know"

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a bob is someone who builds houses and when he walks into a building his theme song will play.

person a- "Look here comes bob"

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That one guy who lives across the street from you, who almost burned down his house last Tuesday.

'Bob is clumsy'

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