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What is ate?

Past tense of the word eat basically To go hard or dominate. Texas slang

Wendy: You see John playing basketball on Saturday?

Jill: yeah he ate

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Ate - what is it?

to fall, trip, or tumble with great force. also "ate"

Dude, he missed that last step and totally ate it.

Her skating partner dropped her and she ate the ice.

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What does "ate" mean?

did a great job; pulled it off well; had a lot of success with something. Used by teens in the projects of Queens, NY, and probably elsewhere in NYC.

You walk in with a new outfit and your friend says, "Damn, girl, you ate dat!" or, you get a 100% on a test and you say, "I ate that!"

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Ate - what does it mean?

pretty and most likely with blonde hair and a great personality

man: did u see her
man: yeah! dude she looked like an ately

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Ate - meaning

Tagalog (Filipino) for older female relative or peer. Pronounced A-teh. Can be used preceding a name as a title or as a pronoun.

Mama! That boy keeps poking Ate Michelle!

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Ate - definition

basically means they did that

sis ate

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Ate - slang

colloquially refers to 8

ate,9 none as nine,10 meant tenure of tent

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a rat piece of shit that deserves to be thrown into a bees nest and beaten with a spatula

yeah look at that Ate over there, he is such a trash can

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to have eaten already

ya i ate her out till she came and then she begged me to fuk her so i put it in but only made it halfway in before i

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another word for killed, in terms of accomplishing something

person 1: you ate that!!
person 2: fr you killed it

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