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What is Aye?

Form one (Ei, Ai, Aye - by itself):

Ei (eventually changed to Ai in middle English and Aye in modern English)

Used to confirm which group has a majority in a decision. It should never be the reply of an individual unless that person is representing a group. An example would be when a group votes yes or no. When the vote is counted if more votes are yes then the person representing the group would respond "Ei". In reference to the modern British use of the word, when the Vikings used to raid the coastlines they would take people prisoner to become conscripts, the crew would vote to kill the person or make them part of the crew. If they voted to make them part of the crew the reply to the captain would be a single "Ei"

It is important to note the word does not mean "Yes".

It simply means the majoirty or a group confirms or agrees.

This term when used correctly is directly related to Aye-Aye or Ei Ei. Also, see Y-Aye-Man

"Captain": Does the crew accept this man, as a brother in life?

"Crew representive": Aye (Ei)

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Aye - meme gif

Aye meme gif

Aye - video

Aye - what is it?

The way of saying hey to people.

"Aye it's ya boi (your name)"
"Aye how you doin'?"

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What does "Aye" mean?

Ye Boi

Aye is the direct Scottish translation of the english phrase Ye Boi

Englishman : do you just love grouse?
ScotsMan : Aye I love grouse up here in the highlands.

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Aye - what does it mean?

northern way of saying yes (WAY NORTH OF LONDON AS IN NEWCASTLE !!)

Aye im fine thanks

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Aye - meaning

A commonly used adlib, used by rapper O.J Da Juiceman.

4 out of every 10 words in his lyrics is the word "Aye".

"Quarter brick, half a brick, whole brick, Aye

Aye, Aye, Aye, Ok.

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Aye - definition

A word that Sydney's Northern Beaches bogans use at the end of every sentence on facebook.

They think it is pronounced 'a'... when infact the correct pronouciation is 'eye'.

The correct spelling they should be using is 'eh?'

Haven't left the Peninsula in 20 years aye?

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Aye - slang

Ghetto/Gangsta Term For Saying "Yo", "What's Up", or "Hello"... Originated From Juelz Santana of Diplomat Reocrds & The Infamous Mimik a.k.a. C.T. Baller of No Fear Records... That Is Their Way Of Greeting People... Usually Is Said Around The New Jersey/New York Area... East Side Represent...

Aye!!! Where You Been C.T.?

Aye!!! Wait For Me I'm Coming!

Aye Mimik... Where You At???

Aye What's Kickin' My Name's Juelz...

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A Scottish slang word for yes!

Pete: You gonnae gi's a gobble?
Mel: Aye course!

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Used in Scotland or Ireland referring to the word 'yes'.Used also allot in Derry City.

Scottish wee man: Yes Dee, how are ye?
Derry big man: Aye, I'm alright there wee man.

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Belfast slang for 'yes'.

Randomer1:"You gona stab me?"

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