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What is Virginia?

Virginia is a hot, cute, sexy girl,smart,caring girl and she likes to laugh and fun to be around.Sometimes she is selfish, and sometimes greedy.Typically a blonde haired blue-eyed girl with high expectations but sometimes she could have brunette, or brown hair.She has many friend but shes also popular at school, and everyone looks up to her.

Do you know Virginia?
yes, why?
Because shes the most amazing person you'll know.

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Virginia - what is it?

One who possesses extreme beauty and elegance usually with red hair and large breasts. Sexy beyond comparison. Extremely talented in bed. Second to none.

That woman over there is so hot, she must be a Virginia.

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What does "Virginia" mean?

beautiful, sexy, fun to be around, intelligent, likes to laugh, really into the kinkier things of life, caring, loves children

Talk to Virginia if you want to have a fun party.

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Virginia - what does it mean?

Virginia is, by far, one of the best states in the Union. Virginia has a rich history, being home to many of the early presidents, the site of the first permanant English settlement in the New World, and contains Yorktown where the American Revolution ended. Virginia makrs the Northern edge of the South, and was home of the Confederate Capitol and the best army of the CSA, the Army of Northern Virginia comanded by Robert E. Lee. Virginia has some of the best colleges in the United States. Climate is moderate with teperatures rarely going above 100 in the summer or below 20 in the winter. Snow is uncommon in this state. Virginia is home ot a large amount of military.

Jimmy lives in Virginia

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Virginia - meaning

She doesn't own a dress, her hair is always a mess. You catch her stealing and she won't confess, she's beautiful.

Smokes a pack a day, but wait, that's me, but anyway she doesn't care a thing about that hair, she thinks I'm beautiful.

She never compromises, loves babies and surprises, wears high heels when she exercises, ain't it beautiful.

She only drinks coffee at midnight when the moment is not right, her timing is quite unusual. You see her confidence is tragic, but her intuition magic. And the shape of her body? Unusual

Meet Virginia, I can't wait to

Have you met Virginia?

No, but I've heard the song by Train

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Virginia - definition

Someone who is extremely smart and mature for her age. Typically a blonde haired blue-eyed girl with high expectations. Mostly quiet and reserved, but is worth the extra effort to get to know. Finds almost everything funny and is always smiling. She's understanding and is constantly putting others first.

Have you met my girlfriend Virginia? She's amazing.

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Virginia - slang

is for lovers

Virginia is where the Dirty South begins, with the associated smoking hot southern women.

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Just correcting myself. Virginia historically is a Southern state.

Virginia is not Mid Atlantic

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Virginia is typically a brown haired, wise, and mature girl. She can be shy at first but once you get to know her she's really fun and outgoing! She's usually very active and likes to be the center of attention. She is also very romantic and optimistic and very sweet. But if you get on her bad side she will show you up no problem. When she sets a goal in life she strives to achieve it. When she's in love, she'll become loyal and attached, she's not clingy but can be very jealous, but she will not show it unless she has a reason to. She has a great body and loves to go on adventures!

Virginia athletic pretty brunette

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Mid-Atlantic South (Southeastern) state on the Atlantic ocean coast. It is the 12th most populated and 35th largest state in the Union. Admitted it was 10th and the population currently is 8,382,993. Nicknamed 'Old Dominion' and 'Mother of Presidents'. The capital city and former largest in the state is and will always be Richmond. People say it's just a hick town disguised as metro. Virginia is also just south of Dc as we all know, and Maryland, west of the water, north of North Carolina and Tennessee and east of West Virginia. Arlington and Northern Virginia people have southern accents but only like 65-70% of the time because culturally they moved to being yuppies. An awesome state.

Virginia people sound southern

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