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What is common?

Used by horsemen to describe a horse that is bad-tempered or recalcitrant. Slightly more perjurative than cow, with which it is sometimes combined.

Watch out that Sparky doesn't bite you -- he's such a common piece of crap.

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Common - what is it?

Carla Talbot.....2 kids, 1 coucil flat, unmarried. Need i say more?

The above person

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What does "common" mean?

common a chick that is well known around town and college campuses by dudes...or others ..promiscuous

common college girls

that girl next door is common
man i saw that common chick at the party
i knew she was common

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Common - what does it mean?

Someone who has ZERO class. A loser, a worthless person. AKA, a drunk person that fucks with your car and puts dents in it when they don't even know you. Generally of lower class you can find common people lurking in most college towns. Be careful.

That common piece of shit thought it would be cool to bounce around on the hood of my car like Richard fuckin Simmons.

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Common - meaning

a word which is used by upper middle class tarquins to describe anyone with less money than themselves

"where do u live"
"on the fairbrook estate"
"wheres that"
"its in town"
"do you have horses and a swimming pool? my daddy gave me a horse yesterday"
"No, my place is to small for that"
"Omg, you're so common!!! goodbye!!

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Common - definition

a shakespearian term for a slut whore or lose woman

my day was common mother, and so are you

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Common - slang

when some one does something real messed up

that was real common about what you had said about torry's mother!

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He is one of the few rappers you should respect even if you don't listen to him. I respect him through his conversations and debates with other men on TV, and I don't even listen to his type of music but he appeals alot. Shows a lot of wisdom, never talks about hoes or disrepects woman. Make's wise conversations and music. Only song I know is "I use to love her".

His rap name also represent Common Sense, from what I heard. He concerns from his surroundings, thus the use of common sense in ur life.

"Yo is that Common?
"Nope, not the common rapper"
"Oh, duh, next time I gotta use my commen sense to know that"

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common a.k.a common sense is an underground mc who gave birth to several classic hip hop albums such as "resurrection", "one day it'll all make sense" and "like water for chocolate."

have you heard the new common joint "the corner" featuring kanye west??it's dope.

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Mad nice rapper with the sickest flows and when he raps it means something

I'm raw hustlas getcha bakin soda
Too many rape the culture
Leave rappers with careers and their faith over
It's a war goin on you can't fake bein a soldier

Oh Shit, that dude Common has crazy rhymes

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