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What is anyone?

Used to be funny generally and break awkward silences by referencing the British TV advert about the posh drink Pimms.
Also used in football as a way of asking team-mates if you should shoot yet. (The answer being "Pimms o' clock!!!" or "not yet")
Occasionaly administers as a chat up line.

Jake: My Nan's just died...
Tony: Anyone for Pimms?


Tom: Hey Stuart, meet my friend John.
Stuart: Anyone for Pimms? (while smiling broadly and shaking his hand)


James: Anyone for Pimms? (while dribbling in a football match)
Dan: Pimms O' Clock!
(James shoots at goal)


(Ben sits alone at a bar and a girl sits next to him)
Ben: Anyone for Pimms?! (he shouts loudly at her)

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anyone - meme gif

anyone meme gif

anyone - video

Anyone - what is it?

The global sigh of relief generated in the comforting realization that the criminal-in-chief has been denied a second term.

The world just realized that it's not just that Biden was elected President that feels so good; it's that the highest office in the land will be occupied by Anyone BUT Trump, the worst fucking President in recorded history.

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What does "anyone" mean?

A site in which you go to see your friends naked or go to see certain band members naked. You can rate and comment on the posts.

Also features Gnargoyles. Warning: These can be dangerous and may cause a sensation of puking and/or nightmares. was started by Hunter Moore, who in his own words, is a professional life-ruiner.

It is highly recommended that you should be 18 when viewing this website.

I saw you on Is Anyone Up last night, we are no longer friends.

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Anyone - what does it mean?

To be of a questionable nature; something uncertain.

1) Exactly how someone as disorganized and ill-tempered as Joe got the job is anyone's guess.

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Anyone - meaning

Typical example of Youtube comment cancer. No one cares when you're watching the video.

Comment 1: 2020 Anyone?
*100 likes from fellow autists*
Comment 2: STFU!

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Anyone - definition

Of the most stuperior quality. Opposite of the oofala

Did you see Dougie's sweet 1970 Chevelle? That is anyones!

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Anyone - slang

The asterisk(*) is used as shorthand after 'anyone' or any other indefinite pronoun to clarify that you're speaking ONLY to the persons present on whatever social media platform you're posing the current question, which avoids constantly having to specify "anyone ON HERE" and thus avoiding smart-arse replies.

Q "does anyone think that David Moyes is a great managerial appointment?"

A "I'm sure some people (like his mother and his wife) think he's a genius; I, however, think he's fucking clueless"

If we correctly use the asterisk, we should expect the following, much more concise, response:

Q "does anyone* think that David Moyes is a great managerial appointment?"

A "Nope, everyone* thinks he's fucking useless"

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a pronoun used by ryan meaney to refer to the members of the we falling twitter group chat

β€œdon’t forget us when ur famous”

β€œwe not forgetting anyone” - ryanmeaney12

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everyone apart from your best friend

β€œyou can’t tell anyone”
tells bestfriend..

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A thing to refer to every person but Chase.

Me: Anyone free today?
People that are chase: Yes.
Me: I wasn’t asking you, you’re chase.
People that aren’t chase: Yes, let’s hang.

Me: Okay!

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