Definder - what does the word mean?

What is your crush?

October 23: a national slap your crush day

I walked up to my crush and told him that I have a crush on him and slapped him slap your crush day

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Your crush - what is it?

Hugging Your CRUSH DAY)

Me:Can i hug u?
My Crush:Why?
Me:Bc its October 24 its HUG YOUR CRUSH DAY!
My Crush:Then i’ll hug u

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What does "your crush" mean?

On October 23 you can kiss your crush grab your crush a boy or a girl and give they a big kiss on the face because today is Kiss your crush Day so today is the only day you can do it!

Susie: Hey Timmy

Timmy: Hey Susie
Susie: can I have a kiss?
Timmy: why?
Susie: it’s National kiss your crush day!

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Your crush - what does it mean?

wednesday October 23 is national make your crush yours day. Ask them to be yours!

Hey, on october 23rd it’s make your crush yours day!

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Your crush - meaning

For example: Prince Harry told Meghan Markle he had a crush on her on National Tell Your Crush Their Your Crush Day which is 4/17

Hey Taylor your my crush and I said that because it's National Tell Your Crush Their Your Crush Day.

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Your crush - definition

October 14, it's the National day of kissing your crush

oh my gosh it's October 14, you have to kiss your crush

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Your crush - slang

Your Crush is someone you wanna cuddle, kiss, talk to, spend time with, date, and fuck.

Yo, who’s your crush

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Your crush

A person that doesn't like you

Your crush:no

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Your crush

A person that doesn't even know you exist.

You: I want to hold your hand and hug you tight. I want to keep you and never let you go. I want to tell the world how lucky I am to have you in my life. I love you.
Your crush: Excuse me? Who the fuck are you?

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Your crush

someone that hates you

"dude i really like her"
"well your crush hates you, too bad"

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