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What is sum?

A homo who eats lots of veggie burgers (AKA homoburgers) and likes to play with himself.

He also may wear too much cologne and and have a very deep voice.

Look at Sum, he's so gay.

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Sum - what is it?

A game where when someone says something stupid and you get to hit them on the head for it. After someone says the stupid statement, you immediately say "That's sum." while rubbing your fingers in the air like the sign for paying money.

Mick, "I drank 7 out of the last 5 days"
Al & Calvin, "That's sum, asshole (rubbing fingers in the air)."
then Al & Calvin each get to slap mick on the top of the head.

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What does "sum" mean?

A guy with a huge mule who likes to talk dirty to women.

Look at Sum, he's a stud.

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Sum - what does it mean?

'really' or 'very'

'thats sum cool!' or 'hes sum hot!'

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Shortened for Summer.

Person: Hey, Sum!!
Summer: Hi bestie!

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"SUM" is a shortened direct command with a meaning similar to "be quiet"', but which is commonly perceived as an angrier and more forceful demand to stop making noise or otherwise communicating. The phrase is probably a shortened form of "shut your mouth up", and its use is generally considered impolite.

Laura: I'll really hate rain, it scares the hell out of me. I mean were does it come from, can you drink it?

Dude: SUM bitch!

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It can be used as something or as some but really mostly to get booty pics from a girl or said when you got some pussy.

You heard that will got sum last night?

Hey wanna send sum?

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a big and huggable teddybear

"and then, this guy sum, started crying like a big teddybear"

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a lazy persons way of writing the word 'some' also one of those idiot who likes making things shorter by taking of the last letter of last few letters
some = sum
dumb = dum

some = sum
dumb = dum

person1:'whos that?'
person2:'oh, its just sum dum idiot'

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It meanssomething

-“Hey, I bought ice cream!”
+“I thought you’re going to buy sum else...”

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