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What is huge?

Anil "Danger" Kenkeremath's penis

See Anil "Danger" Kenekremath

Dude, Anil's dick is huge

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Huge - what is it?

a word used to describe my nuts

My Nuts are so HUGE i don't use a chair anymore i just sit on my sac, people think it's a flesh colored bean bag but little to they know it's my HUGE nuts.

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What does "huge" mean?

what every women wished every mens penis was

damn i got to 2nd base and his penis was the exact opposite of huge

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Huge - what does it mean?

the state of being very large, big, and/or clunky. Often linked as a waste of space. directly linked to xbox.


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Huge - meaning

Usually used to describe somthing

>that cock is huge
>those tits are huge
>that is one huge car

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Huge - definition

awesome; hell yes; hella good;

I found $400 on the ground. Huge.

I just got lucky! Huge!

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Huge - slang

An adjective used to describe things that are epic, powerful, motivational, awe-inspiring, or amazing.

Ned: Oh gosh, look at that sunset.
Betsy: Woah, its huge!

Jim: Did you hear that breakdown?
Frank: Yeah, it was soooooo huge!

Samuel: do you see those sun rays coming through the clouds?
Henry: Yeah, oh my god, it looks like heaven.
Samuel: youre right, its huge!

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huge is someone like Bryce Hall or David Bjeletic

bryce hall: "i'm so fucking huge, buddy"

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the new word paris hilton uses; replacing her old expression, "that's hot"

Paris- "Omg, Kathy Griffin, that dress is so huge."
Kathy Griffin- "What the fuck is huge?"

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The word used by your Mother last night

"How was he?"

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